Art: Good lighting for portrait work

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    Good lighting for portrait work

    Hey guys,

    I'm planning on putting up a stall where I can make a living doing portrait sketches from life. I'm just wondering what kind of lighting is good for this. And by that I mean, what kind of bulbs should I use? Will any normal bulb do? Or should I get something better for artistic purposes? The sketching will only be done in pencil or charcoal.

    Thanks guys.

    Happy New Years,


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    wow awesome idea..patzon the stall you make , i think you already now..put at about your eye level..where the person will as to facilitate you drawing .. the distance from the model..just calculate how tall the model is with the stall and all and make a perfect arc from there to the as to make an equilateral triangle(perspective works the best like that) but it depends on you..the best lighting at 45 degrees like the old masters to bring form out....i have those bulbs that they say they illuminate in "natural light" i think in any harware store they have it..they are as cheap as anyother one. if you wanna variate lighting for design pursposes..or you are just plain bored of the same lighting.. i suggest look for different lightings on the masters they will show you the way..hehe..

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