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    Im new quick question...

    Hey everyone. I was pretty happy to stumble across this message board, alot of inspirational drawings here, from some talented poeple.

    I've never taken lessons or anything, but i am able to draw pretty good pencil sketches... upon looking through this forum i have noticed alot of digital sketches, and they look absolutly amazing. Have tried looking fro some more info but there is alot of posts to sort through on this web site. can anyone lead me into the right direction regarding digital sketches, more specifically what kinda of software and related items do i need to get? (Besides photoshop, i already have that) Any good topics you can link me to, that deal with this kidna art work would be appreciated.

    I've also never really tried anything besides basic pencil sketches, what are some other avenues i should look down? Some of your prefered methods would be good to hear..

    If anyone can help me out i would appreciate it... if not, I'll be lurking.

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    Don't lurk, post art.

    There are two routes you can go. You could scan in a sketch and then edit it with the mouse. There are some tools in Photoshop (levels, curves etc) you can use to darken the pencil and make it look nicer. You could also buy a graphics tablet and draw directly on the computer. Just search the forums for graphics tablet, there are plenty of posts about what kind to get.
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    I was hoping someone could fill me in as to the differances between using photoshop, as opposed to painter and whatnot... What kind of limitations are there for each program?

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    The photoshop/painter question is kind of like the mac/pc question. It comes down to what you are comfortable with.

    Myself, I use painter. I know a lot of the people on the boards use photoshop and do some kickass stuff.

    Bottom line, Painter is cheaper and is specifically a painting program. Photoshop is a photomanipulation program and costs a lot. You'll need a wacom pad to do anything meaningful with either of them (as using a mouse is just insane).

    Don't skip on the traditional media. Use that to your advantage. Do your sketches on real paper, scan it and use either painter or ps to do the painting.


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    good question
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    I have a tablet and i still sketch by hand before photoshop.

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    i still sketch by hand too.. its more intuitive and I'm more used to it..

    as for digital stuff:

    in my oppinion a tablet is a must when working with a computer, but you gotta watch out what tablet you are buying..

    i was drawing with a genius sketchpad (2 by 3 inches) without pressure sensitivity for a year or so... it worked, but was a pain in the ass to work with if i'm honest. that thing just slowed down my workflow.. I have a used wacom oversize tablet now (size a3), wich is heaven to work with (both because of i'ts size and its functions..).

    As for software: oregano is right, its all a matter of oppinion.
    I would recommend Painter for instance, if you already have some experience with traditional medias such as pencils, crayons, chalk, acryl and oil. The program simulates the (dis-)advantages and distinctivenesses of those medias pretty well. it's not my cup of tea though, since my experience with traditional medias was restricted to pencil and inkwork so far...

    As for Photoshop: my preferred program to work with (propably because the only programs I came in touch with when i started out were autodesk animator pro and PS).
    if you narrow it down to a paint program (meaning not using alot of its functions) its propably the best choice if you want results fast (and ps comes in handy when someone approaches you about a collage or some photo manipulation - could happen anytime

    in the end, you make the choice wich program to use... i would recommend starting a sketchbook and posting stuff in the critique center to get more specific tips about work methods and programs. its probaly the easiest way to get some orientation and learn about all this stuff..

    hope thatw as helpful..


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