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    Christmas Surprise! How much should I take?

    Hey everyone! Haven't posted here in quite a while, but I've got some kind of problem that came up today:

    I've been painting for some time now and recently started a still life of a skull wearing a mask and hat. Nothing too spectacular, just for the mere purpose of practising. I am NOT professional, since I am only 18 years old, still live at home, go to school. Yet art is my number one hobby and I plan to study it and eventually go pro at some time.

    Today my painting teacher called me up and said that a woman entered his atelier in order to look for paintings and maybe buy something. My still-life of the skull was around somewhere (not on purpose though) and she saw it and asked if she could buy it. He told her that it wasn't his work but one of his students.

    I put a couple of hours into the painting, maybe 4-5, yet it isn't really finished in my opinion. So I was really surprised that someone wanted to buy the thing.

    The thing is: I am not too familiar with what to charge for such a piece of work, and I have not spoken to or seen the client yet.

    SO: What should I charge?

    Hope you can help a bit,


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    You could sell it real cheap and make an old woman happy...

    But seriously, how many hours and how much material you used doesnt really matter its more like what you feel for the piece and what you think its apropriate. But it does make things easier to calculate how much you have spent on it moneywise and hours wise.

    Oh and after you have comeup with a price ad 50-100$ thats what my teacher said. heh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crash
    You could sell it real cheap and make an old woman happy...

    But seriously
    Thats just funny.

    Did you ask the professor for his advice? If he's used to selling paintings, he might be a good guide to follow. And I'd hope he'd be looking out for your best interest, so whatever price he quoted should be fair for you.

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    thanks for your advice, guys. i greatly appreciate it.
    yes, i did ask my painting teacher for his advice and he said it would be alright to charge about 100 € for it.

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