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    Concept artist/illustrator available for work

    Name:  charac collage 8.jpg
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    Hello! Thanks for stopping by. My name is Jonny Klein and I'm a concept artist/illustrator now available for work. I have years of experience on various games, books, cards, online media, comics etc. I can also work in various subject matter and styles.

    You can see some of my samples at my site:

    Here is my resume if you'd like to see what projects I've worked on:

    For professional inquiries or questions, please contact me at . Here are some samples (most recent work is at top):

    Illustrations I painted for Hex Entertainment:
    Name:  Motor Chariot card.jpg
Views: 1648
Size:  454.4 KB

    Name:  Droo's Ironclad Roller card.jpg
Views: 1653
Size:  383.6 KB

    Some robots I designed for a game for US Web Software:
    Name:  Giant Robots.jpg
Views: 2025
Size:  241.9 KB

    Some storyboards I painted for Sentrana Inc:

    Name:  Revised Storyboards_small.jpg
Views: 3559
Size:  155.3 KB

    Some illustrations I painted for © 2016 Hex Entertainment, LLC. All rights reserved:

    Name:  bots fixed 6-3-16.jpg
Views: 3273
Size:  142.8 KB

    Name:  Earth Hammer_small_Hex revision.jpg
Views: 2859
Size:  310.7 KB

    Some robots I designed for BattleLabs:

    Name:  BattleLabs_small.jpg
Views: 4597
Size:  148.2 KB

    Some fighting game background concepts I designed for

    Name:  city fixedsmall.jpg
Views: 3592
Size:  155.0 KB

    Name:  subway final5.jpg
Views: 4555
Size:  143.9 KB

    Here are some characters I designed for a game produced by Raptor Powered LLC:

    Name:  raptor revised6.jpg
Views: 1339
Size:  293.1 KB

    Character design I did for

    Name:  after-ice_Jonny Klein_small2.jpg
Views: 4910
Size:  255.7 KB

    Here is an illustration I did of Supergirl:

    Name:  supergirlfixed small.jpg
Views: 1271
Size:  310.2 KB

    Background and tiles I designed for Clockwork Elements for the game Kulipari Battalions:

    Name:  Map Concept Tiles 23.jpg
Views: 4411
Size:  462.0 KB

    Some monsters and junk I designed for a game produced by Totally Evil Entertainment LLC:

    Name:  monsters8small.jpg
Views: 4627
Size:  270.8 KB

    Name:  junksmall.jpg
Views: 4649
Size:  361.3 KB

    Some art I created for some games produced by Totally Evil Entertainment LLC:

    Name:  totally evil 1.jpg
Views: 4760
Size:  436.0 KB

    Name:  _4769383_orig.jpg
Views: 2406
Size:  377.2 KB

    Name:  temple prev2small.jpg
Views: 4647
Size:  237.0 KB

    Name:  Credits sign prev small.jpg
Views: 4645
Size:  327.7 KB

    Viking Village background I painted for a game for Last Life Games:

    Name:  llg6small.jpg
Views: 4588
Size:  192.6 KB

    Here is some card art I illustrated for
    Copyright and all other rights: Arcane Tinmen Aps

    Name:  Prime_Titan_forCA.jpg
Views: 4776
Size:  377.8 KB

    Here is a character I designed for Shingo Games:

    Name:  ironanvil.jpg
Views: 4994
Size:  62.8 KB

    Here's some storyboards I designed for a mobile game for Centillix:

    Name:  Centillix Storyboards_small.jpg
Views: 7118
Size:  322.3 KB

    Here are some holiday e-cards I painted:

    Name:  E-cards.jpg
Views: 5135
Size:  368.0 KB

    Some character Designs I did for an upcoming game produced by Da’Markeus Brumfield:

    Name:  Characters4tha.jpg
Views: 5259
Size:  259.7 KB

    Name:  Characters_1stGroup6-25-12CA.jpg
Views: 6083
Size:  275.0 KB

    Name:  characsrevisedsmall.jpg
Views: 1320
Size:  357.1 KB

    Animal Designs for a personal project:

    Name:  PersonalAnimalProject_rev.jpg
Views: 9964
Size:  299.9 KB

    Some concept Designs I did for the mobile device game: Recursive Abstraction:

    Name:  Recursive_characssmall.jpg
Views: 5265
Size:  218.4 KB

    Name:  Recursive_cyborgssmall121911.jpg
Views: 5407
Size:  291.4 KB

    Name:  Recursive_creaturesmall121911.jpg
Views: 5354
Size:  307.5 KB

    Some art I did for the game Global Warfare (all work is copyright Kabam):

    Name:  junglelookoutCA52212.jpg
Views: 5184
Size:  265.9 KB

    Name:  5thcity_small.jpg
Views: 5267
Size:  247.9 KB

    Name:  gw_4thcity_jonny_buildings.jpg
Views: 5156
Size:  108.8 KB

    Name:  LaserTurretSmallprev.jpg
Views: 5148
Size:  122.0 KB

    Name:  Antiairsmallnewprev.jpg
Views: 5252
Size:  118.4 KB

    Name:  fighter.jpg
Views: 5115
Size:  38.1 KB

    Name:  bomber.jpg
Views: 6464
Size:  41.7 KB

    Name:  mobilesam.jpg
Views: 5127
Size:  64.9 KB

    Name:  gw_4thcity_jonny_stingermissiles.jpg
Views: 5160
Size:  73.6 KB

    This piece was done for Real Life Plus:

    Name:  partyspots.jpg
Views: 5069
Size:  194.4 KB

    Personal work:

    Name:  CL_FutureCity31610d.jpg
Views: 5078
Size:  118.4 KB

    Name:  Robotswordb5412.jpg
Views: 5195
Size:  189.7 KB

    Some work I did for Wildfire LLC's Cthulhutech: Unveiled Threats:

    Name:  pg37_small.jpg
Views: 5536
Size:  86.5 KB

    Name:  pg113_small.jpg
Views: 5222
Size:  141.8 KB

    Name:  pg115_small.jpg
Views: 5199
Size:  104.4 KB

    Some paintings I did for Cthulhutech: Damnation View:

    Name:  fiction_splash_by_jonnyklein.jpg
Views: 1293
Size:  357.0 KB

    Name:  Field_Agentthumbs_prev.jpg
Views: 8223
Size:  139.7 KB

    Name:  Field_Agent_revise_prev2-1.jpg
Views: 5070
Size:  27.0 KB

    Some designs I did for

    Name:  small mecha.jpg
Views: 4379
Size:  174.6 KB

    Name:  3racesad6-6-10_small.jpg
Views: 5072
Size:  205.4 KB

    Name:  MechShirt_small.jpg
Views: 5080
Size:  126.9 KB

    Name:  kaeandiligentaspirant91309_b.jpg
Views: 5046
Size:  99.8 KB

    Name:  kaeanOvergenagility121709prev.jpg
Views: 5049
Size:  118.2 KB

    Name:  KaeanClinochejustice_prev121709.jpg
Views: 5047
Size:  99.2 KB

    Name:  KaeanTravalentHonor121709prev.jpg
Views: 5043
Size:  93.3 KB

    Name:  Kaenguns5609a_small.jpg
Views: 5019
Size:  104.8 KB

    Name:  Xotron_Facility71909_small.jpg
Views: 5092
Size:  108.1 KB

    Some personal work:

    Name:  DraculasDining.jpg
Views: 4990
Size:  96.0 KB

    Here's a robot I painted for a personal project:

    Name:  robot revised 1-13-14 ca.jpg
Views: 4890
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    Attached Images Attached Images  
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    I love you art, particularly the Animal Farm image and the first environment image. Do you do sequential art for comics?

    If you do, please contact me at



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    We are a little company from east europe, we are looking for artist to publish comic books.We seek conceptartists do dezvolt ower characters
    You can contact me on
    We aproximate that the comics will sell in 30.000 copys.
    The money will be paid after the sell. Thank you very much.
    Concept artist/illustrator available for workConcept artist/illustrator available for workConcept artist/illustrator available for workConcept artist/illustrator available for work

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    I am looking for a long term concept design artist for many projects I have. Some in the future, and some requiring immediate attention. Do you just do sci-fo or are you also able to do fantastical creatures/characters?

    Email me directly if interested:


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    Impressive work! Good luck!

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    I am now available for work. I have also updated some new images to my portfolio as well. You can view my website at
    For professional inquiries or questions, please contact me at

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