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Thread: Serp's occasionally updated Sketchbook!

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    Serp's occasionally updated Sketchbook!

    Ok, so I've finally decided to start a scetchbook! I'm a newbie when it comes to art (actually, when it comes to anything), and I hope this will help me as much at it seems to help many others on this site!

    I didn't go as far as to think I could manage a daily scetchbook, so I'm making it "biweekly". With the quotationmarks. I will not have strict uploading days, but try to post AT LEAST twice a week. Please reply!

    So... Okay I will start with some older things I've already posted elsewhere on this forum, but since the threads are long dead, I'll repost them. New stuff later.

    I hate my scanner - good thing I've started to photograph my drawings.

    Faces, faces, faces...

    Tyranids anyone?

    And for those who have already seen those above:

    More later! Leave a comment!

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