The Baron of Grogzwig.

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    The Baron of Grogzwig.

    It's an assignment for school where we have to illustrate a story in 9 panels. It has to be achromatic scale with emphasis on using composition and values to create mood.

    The short story can be found here. It's a Charles Dickens one and very wordy but boils down rather easily.

    I'm at the last stage. I just wanted some feedback before I finished this. I figure it can only make it better. I had this in another forum but I think it's better off here.

    1. The Baron Lives in a Castle.

    2. The Baron is Unhappy.

    These two are mostly done but if a change can be made, I'll do it. The next couple ones will be pencil sketches so I can get some opinions before I get down to the next level.

    3. The Baron Gets a Chick.

    -self crits: the position/length of the arms of the two right most guys(Changed).

    4.The Guards Get the Boot.

    -The main castle wall behind the gate will be a darker shade...not all of my markers work well. o_O I also want to add the bugle and sword to the Baron so he stands out more as that same character. I see a few anatomy issues I need to clean up before I ink this.

    5. Been Bad News for Baron.

    6. A New Friend

    7. Not your average Man.

    8. What's Your Choice?

    - This is going to be a very stark picture with the bg being almost black and the characters white or close to it.

    9. Perhaps death isn't so hot after all.

    -Since this is the last panel I'm going to keep the contrast up with most of the values used chaotically around the demon.

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    im not exactly following the story.. maybe cause i cant see straight due to sickness these past couple days, but even so, there seems to be too many panels that lack appropriate segways. i like your style, keep it

    EDIT: the castle could use some bricks, not every single one, just a few clusters of 3 or so at random intervals. in the second image, it looks as if his subjects have severe cases of chickenpocks.

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