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Thread: "Violent Needs" - CGTalk Spectacular Challenge Entry

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    "Violent Needs" - CGTalk Spectacular Challenge Entry

    "Violent Needs" - CGTalk Spectacular Challenge Entry


    Violent Needs

    “Friday. 6:03 pm. Central Station.
    It was one of those one in a lifetime moments, when the two afternoon trains arrived at exactly the same time and by some unexplainable coincidence every single passenger had to change trains and catch the one on the other side of the platform.
    Everybody was crazy…the trains were already late and on a tight schedule. They would only stop for a few minutes, if not seconds. No one wanted to miss the train because that meant having to wait for the next one which would only arrive several hours later. On top of that, everybody was in a furious anger because they were all having the worst day of their lives. People were almost searching for an excuse to collide, to let go, to throw themselves violently against each other to feel alive. It was almost, like that day everyone felt some kind of violent passion for each other, something too big to be kept inside, something that was about to explode.
    And then, it did…”

    This forum is just wonderful...
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    dude this is awsome
    i like the perspective you did and the little story to go wtih it helped too.

    the picture is very full of action and life. good job
    the only thing bugging me is the head behind the umbrella in the middle. the umbrella closest to the viewer. he looks like a big blob with a blurred in head.
    i think u can just spent like 5min to define him a lil better. this would be perfect
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    the top looks like a paintover compared to the bottom. the environment is so painstakingly precise that any inconsistencies in the figure are glaringly obvious.

    sorry to say, but you need to redraw almost all the people, vary their intentions and forms more and repaint.

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    Nice story, unique idea with the train and all, makes it a little funny with the "On top of that, everybody was in a furious anger because they were all having the worst day of their lives"
    Makes me think of "The Gangs Of New York"
    Though some of the people in the front appear as having a little to "glossy" clothes.
    Great work!
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    love the general atmosphere n colour great work
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    Funny piece. i can just imagine these people rushing for there trains. INSANITY!
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    the image is awesome too
    haha that little story is a great fit to the picture
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