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    sup man? i like what you've got here. pretty nice concepts, clearly improving constantly. I do have a general crit for you, it seems like a lot of your stuff could use more cowbell, I mean contrast. I understand with the pencil sketches, that type of thing doesn't always get pushed and that's okay cause it's just a sketch, but on the more 'finished' pieces a little more contrast would help.

    Keep up the good work!


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    Man i really like the sketch of the naga and the dolphin guy. it would be awesome to see them finished. keep up the hard work!
    New Sketchbook

    Old Sketchbook

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    @Carnifex: hehehe thanks

    @Kronos: yep, again soon, i hope

    @Dreamworker: grazie Paolo

    @OldNoobie: thanks Lee

    @VanDog: yep, your right.I often do the mistake of trying to cover up bad anatomy with thick layers of armor, but it doesnt always work

    @Sheavolution: hehehe we all have problems in the first pages...its just about going on anyway, regardless of replies thanks

    @Pigeonkill:hanks man you should try OC, its cool.Uhm i'd say sessions were 45 mins each.We were pretty fast

    @Discoskull: yo man, cool to see you again here thanks

    @BryanYoung: thanks man, will do.

    @tekdj: hey man! thanks for stopping by!

    @smuli: hey man, thanks for stopping by thanks for the comments.Abou comics, i'll go study coics and illustation next year, and YES, i'd love to add some narrative to my drawings...comics are hard stuff

    @Jason Snair: thanks!

    @amer-nazri: thanks dude, half by me half by kronos

    @Dose206: hey man, thanks for the comment

    @Unbreakable: hehehe those 2 are OLD! thanks anyway

    ok guys.Been slackin' these days, not much to show at all, but i just thought i might as well show i'm still alive
    some random doodles, and some crappy school work.
    Hope to get back to back to my normal pace soon


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    Hello, Gnoll... what can I say... You are very talented guy... if you don't do something right now, I have no doubts you will cover it in a month after you become aware of the problem... You do have very impressive skills... so many things you can do... I might complain that sometimes your figures look stiff and off proportions, but it was mostly in the beginning of the book and you getting better and better... Sometimes you draw cautiously and slow and carefully, sometimes you draw like you have no tomorrow ,,, mind is free and not preoccupied with any thoughts or pleasing anyone or fears or...following some other person style...and I like those sketches the most... they are beautifully free and expressive and precise in the same time which is striking. You draw motorcycles the best, then creatures, then caricature like little people with huge fists, then landscapes, then women and the weakest is your coloring IMO.

    I btw love motorcycles badly... I love wind around me.
    I love so many images in your book and you know that I'm not into monsters and spooky stuff. but I love yours... but they are not spooky . hehe...

    If you don't mind I would say you and your creatures are extreme.. it is the strongest and potentially bad side of your art, as i see it... the poses , the faces, the outfits, the body language ... everything ... you prefer it intense, the extreme form, the one and only possible interpretaion... You know it is like Shakespeare's theater: very dramatic, someone dying in the end or getting insane... but there is another theater... did you hear this name? Anton Chekhov... this writer wrote plays where characters talk with subtext... . where heroine is saying something out of blue... like : what bird is screaming there? but it means something else... yeah ... so the actress was supposed to show her grief in some unusual subtle ways... lightly, with hints... I'm not saying it is better form in art... but it exists... so you hardly talk like this,,, If you don't mind I would compare you with Shakespeare's theater... open and extreme... easily to interpret...

    If you want to try your skills in the other way I would love to see how you manage this assignment... try to draw slight differences in emotion... like: sorrow and sadness, and melancholia and tiredness and boredom... and all should be precise and differ from each other... or more closer to you: rage and dissatisfaction and suspicion and despise and indifference...
    You don't have to do that... but that's what i think your art lacking: subtle nuances...
    Your colors... I think they look random, lacking harmony... I don't feel that your heart is there, they very often look sloppy and rushed... You need to observe more how colors effect each other, IMO... colors should talk too...
    Here is my favorite and some examples of what i talked about:
    I like the pose and look of the creature , this one is not dramatic overall, but drama is in its clothes... they are extraordinary... I love it... very rich.
    Great expression, easily to interpret but it doesn't make it bad. I love the fast free manner of the drawing... very elegant too.
    Good composition, the wide wings sort of collect my eyes traveling on the page and return it to the center of the image with this tail swirl... The only thing is the pose of the rider,,, he is upfront to us,,, it is bit too simple looking.
    Awesome, just awesome, such a mad face... i would like some little cleaning maybe of some meaningless lines and maybe something to add, but overall it is great in any sense possible... very expressive.
    That's style I love in your book... free and without any fear or following, your own style. Elegant.
    Again, very fearless drawing, love it.
    I like the drawing a lot and coloring... well it doesn't give me any information, except that you have no idea why you chose those colors and combine them, IMO... they are not meaningful or harmonious, IMO.
    I like those, from imagination right? very nice and it will be even better I'm sure.
    This one is so funny. it is not extreme in expression, very mild. but it is not ordinary person, so I think you are loyal to your style .
    Heh, it is rare case, they are supposed to be intense, hehe, but they are two softies... like two young rich kids offering suncream to each other.
    I liked this one a lot,,, it is already has the nice lyrical rare in your book mood... the wide squire, the silent beautiful buildings and evening soft lighting...I like it a lot.
    Don't like the coloring, very sloppy, sorry .
    Very nice subtlety in the face expressions and very good for descriptions of the characters... I like it.

    My favorite page is 18 in your book, it was some kind of mad creativity and nice freedom happening there.
    I love last update as well. very free.

    That's all, buddy. forgive me if something is not right in my comment. Bye.

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    Hey ryan!
    Nice update. Are the last two pages personal ? They look like an assignement for something...
    It was cool oc-ing with you, even though my line connection was pretty bad
    Keep up the nice work !

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    @sve: thank you very much for the long reply, sve, much appreciated

    "Sometimes you draw cautiously and slow and carefully, sometimes you draw like you have no tomorrow" hehehe yeah, this is very true...i just can't help it, sometimes i sit down, i want to draw, and i try and work as hard as i can.Other times, i just scribble while listening to somebody, or while thinking...and most of the time, for some bizarre reason, people seem to appreciate the scribbles more than the "serious" work...
    hehehe i love bike design.Probably i'm drawing bikes recently cause many of my buddies are buying bikes in these days, and find those iron horses pretty inspiring

    about the "easily to interpret" issue, well...most of my drawings are shown here and to my friends so maybe...who know, probably its just a way to express myself, and i do it just as i do it in a vocal way.Loudly and as extreme as i can

    about colors, i know, i know.I see loads of pictures here, and i do know the power of colors, they can express something i just can't express with my pencils alone...but its really frustrating.I try color once in a while, but i don't try hard enought nor often enought.I hope i'll improve on that side next year, since i'm going to study painting and illustration.It will come with time, i guess

    thanks for checking out the pictures and commentin them individualy, very nice of you.Glad you liked them, but i'm wondering why you chose work from some time ago, no recent stuff...

    thanks again for the comment, hope you'll stop by again soon

    @DanielC: hey Dan, OCing with ya was cool, and yes, that connection problem suck...but nevermind, we'll try again once you get the new connection up n runnin' yes, those were school assignments, i don't usually post that kind of stuff, but i just wanted to show 'em, for some reason

    ok, some more doodles from these days.Proportion issues, bad lines, and pretty rushed doodles, but meh, there's always time for improvement


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    LOVIN' the Spidey and Venom pix!! Nice one!


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    Lines are getting better I dig the last one with the super heroes...that
    reminds me that I haven drawn a Wolverine in ages... I should draw one
    just for kicks; oh and don't forget to put one or two females on the mix,

    Nice gesture!

    VERY nice gesture on both

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    lol @ hulk contemplating life

    nice sketches man, the environment looks cool
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    Abou comics, i'll go study coics and illustation next year...
    Wow, sounds like a class for you if anything.

    I like the rythmic way you've stylized the minithug's legs because it's so obvious. The superheroes' thighs have some disturbing weaknesses apart from Spiderman's, which look great. Try to remember the bent shinbones from every view and maybe some ref studies about differently bent knees could be useful.

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    ehehe crazy sketches...but the question is: what is thinking Hulk in this moment ?
    ----> is think about Teddy ?
    Gnoll's Stuff *UPDATE 01/10*

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    Very nice sketchbook! You've made a lot of improvement since the beginning. I'll keep an eye on you. Keep it up!

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    i think you should challenge yourself and play around with different mediums other than digital, especially before the school year starts. You would want a little experience with various mediums rather than not the first day of class. And about the colors, remember how bad I was when I started with them? well I still suck but it has gotten better. So if I can do it, so can you, just have to put in the effort.

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    @Chermilla: thanks Chermi! nice to see you stop by

    @maxetormer: thanks man, nice to see you here.Yep, superheroes are always nice to draw...about females...yep, you're right on that too

    @Kronos: lol hehehe probably thinking of what to smash next thanks (btw, ring me up, we gotta OC again!)

    @smuli: hehe, i hope so.Thanks for the suggestion, yep, i gotta work on legs

    @Anurizm: thanks

    @Dreamworker: lol grazie Paolo

    @funfetus: thanks man, i'll try

    @OldNoobie: you're damn right Lee...i'll get the final exam out of the way and i'll try out something new...but i really dunno where to start, what i need to buy, nothing at all, so all help is appreciated

    some twilek dark jedi or whatever.


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