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    Here's some recent-ish pencil/traditional drawings.
    Always trying to find a way to make this kind of stuff actually "sellable", cause its the stuff i have the most fun with!
    Sggestions very welcome!

    Silly doodles from my sketchbook, you can see plenty more of these on my instagram account in case you're interested (

    Name:  sketch1.jpg
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    Name:  sketch2.jpg
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    Name:  sketch6.jpg
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    A digitally-reworked drawing from my moleskine.This was a lot of fun to draw, and was inspired by a visit a couple of years ago to Jaisalmer, in Rajahstan, amazing place:

    Name:  sketch3.jpg
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    Some b-boys gesture doodles:

    Name:  sketch4.jpg
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    Some dude, funfunfun but probably useless:

    Name:  sketch5.jpg
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    Here's a more elaborate drawing i did as a gift for a friend.Tried to not get too worrie with it, and just got lost in the hatching in a quasi-medative state. I have to try this again:

    Name:  sketch 7.jpg
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    The b-boys gestures are great, man
    気計 - Quike
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    Cross-hatchery can be a powerful way to explore and internalize form, and it can become as refined and informative as you dare pursue. Love the Rajahstan-inspired castle sketch!

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    Great to see an update from you Ryan. All of your works have a great joy to them... even the castle drawing. The first doodles remind me of AustenFM's work (who coincidentally has been away for a while).

    That pen & ink drawing from your meditative state looks fantastic.

    Any news on Bego? That stuff was really fun.

    Take care.
    Thinking connects desire with creation.
    How good are you?

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    @Manuel Baum: glad you liked that one! i had a lot of fun with it.

    @Quike: thank you for the support as usual, man

    @William b. Hand: hey Will!! i need to find time to practice it on some personal pieces, and just get loose and have fun with it.

    @p sage: hey Chad! always cool to see you pop around.I usually tend to post only the drawings that i did with joy, the rest all look like shit! Regarding Bego, its a very touchy subject for me...I had such a good time working on it, and it just kinda died because i didn't really have a clear idea of what i was doing. The magazine i had printed with some friends died and i just moved on. I really hope to find the time and willpower to devote myself to another completely personal project, and hopefully its going to still feel like "me" even if it might not be Bego. My interest has slightly shifted towards illustration primarily because comics are really time consuming and not as well payed, unfortunately...but we'll see what happens

    Here are some other experiments from the last couple of weeks.They are again old drawings that i just tried to "color" digitally. To be honest i have no idea style-wise in which direction i want to go, just trying things out. More purely digi-painted stuff real soon.

    Name:  mix1.jpg
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    Name:  mix2.jpg
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    Name:  mix3.jpg
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    Yo ryan!!! Great drawings as always mate!!! Also amazing work in the gift image, the values are nice if you semi close your eyes you can see it as if rendered somehow, and with such a drawing its awesome. Keep up the great work!!!

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    Nice stuff in here!

    Your style reminds me a lot of the fallout3 concept artist, Adam Adamowicz,

    Good stuff!

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    @kingkostas: thanks man!!!

    @Sublimus: thank you! thats a very nice compliment for me, i loved his work so much. So much work, and all so good!

    Here's some digis i just left unfinished, more of these coming soon.

    a gundam thing i started. Tried a very different approach than usual, working really slow and clean and usign reference. I might get back to it but the slow process just got me bored and i think the whole thing looks qite stiff and boring (plus, i think tha gundam is reeeeeally small.

    Name:  943487_10201213323395144_1249196592_n.jpg
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    an orc cook, inspired by the Wotc art test. I'll get back on this, again, trying something different, trying to approach the painting in a more messy way (like i apprach my drawings)

    Name:  969144_10201234406682213_2062447145_n.jpg
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    a really quick tyranid termagant(?) digital thinghy.Again, boring and static

    Name:  1000712_10201550855953247_1122288066_n.jpg
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    Hey, cool sketchbook... Been checking it out for awhile now. You mentioned in an earlier post you would like suggestions for selling the fun sketches. Looking at those types of drawings brings to mind graphics for skateboard or snowboard companies. You might want to look into doing something along those lines.

    Keep up the great work!
    "If people knew how hard I had to work to gain my mastery, it wouldn't seem wonderful at all." -Michelangelo
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    Awesome stuff, especially that gift drawing! Looking forward to seeing more.

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    @Kadin.T.Goldberg: hey dude! thanks! thats a pretty good suggestion actually! i don't really many names of companies that do that kind of stuff, i'll have to do some research in that sense, if any names come to your mind let me know!

    @PieMonster: hey man! great to see you stop by! i had a lot of fun with that particular drawing, i must try something similar soon.

    Here's a couple more digi-thinghies, all feedback/crits is very much appreciated.
    These took about a couple of hours each i think, i was trying to do something different than my usual, a lot of fun but also makes me realize how much i need to study more to improve my painting.

    Name:  warlord.jpg
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    Name:  arrival.jpg
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    I especially love the way you design form with angles, like in those b boy gestures. Super unique. Awesome work, keep goingggg!

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    Hey Mr.Gnoll loooooong time so speaky! I haven't been on here for months! Very bad of me. I thought I'd se if you're still posting on here and you are and your work is still fantastic and still getting better as always! Keep up the great work buddy. I am thinking of starting a new sketchbook!


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    Hey hello!

    These are good stuffs man. I loove, especially, the loose sketches (Those B-boyz!!). I can see soo much happening there.
    You know, I always feel really energetic every time I look through your sketches. You express yourself good, man. Well done (Now, I have to find ways to channel this energy to do something beneficial for myself. Because It's kinda tricky for me )

    Keep it up man. I'm waiting for more

    Oh and, the heavily gunned hairy rhino with kissing couples on top is terrific! Can i share those? (i don't see sharing options, so i thought i'd ask)
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    I'm making mess here: Sketchbook .
    also on dA and tumblr
    Old sketchbook, in case anyone interested.

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    yup everything in here is pretty much awesome.

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