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Thread: Gnoll's Stuff *UPDATE 01/10*

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    Nice flow in the lines and some good gestures too. The masses seem flat and a little segmented, though.

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    Females are hard to draw in my opinion since you got to show muscle, form, shape, light and shadow without losing the femininity, of course it doesn't apply when drawing a really really ugly female They have to be soft yet well defined.

    okay, enough of my blabbering just watch the shape of the thighs and keep the width from shoulder to shoulder smaller than the width of the hips.

    you need to do more colors too ...

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    you are doing great!! and with the girls- I think you are on the right track!
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    Nice studies!...Makes me want to practice more ( hence the number of heads on my sketch book site!)

    About Halftones in PS...there are two ways of doing it:
    1. Make a copy of you image>flatten it>Filters>Pixelate>color Halftone...when the box appears I prefer to change the size radius to 4 and then set all the other boxes to the same value (ie 45)...this will give you a pretty good start to play with as an overlay/screen/multiply,etc on your image. (One other thing you can do is then to go to Filters>Other>maximum/minimum...this will make the dots larger or smaller, depending on what you desire).

    2. Copy and flatten your image...choose two colours that you want to use on your image, go to Filters>Sketch>HalftonePattern...choose dots or lines or circle ( whatever you fancy) then I push the contrast up quite high, as this gives you more of a sharper/printed look. You image will now be dots, but using the colours you chose. From here you can then copy the layer back into you original, and play around with the layer modes.

    One final way of doing shading in a halfton/Ashley Wood type of way, is to make a new layer and draw the shapes of your shadows, fill them with a mid ( 128,128,128 ) grey, then use the first method I mentioned to change the layer to dots.

    Another way ( just remembered!!!) is to make new image ( 4pixels by 3 pixels ) and, using the pencil tool, draw black dots every other pixel, flatten this and go to edit>Define Pattern..this makes your image into a pattern. On your original artwork, draw the shapes of the ares you wish to 'halftone', then go to Edit>Fill>Contents box>Pattern>in the little drop down box find your halftone patter, and hey presto....instant halftone. You can then set it to what ever layer mode you want.

    All my secrets revealed!!!!! Hope this has helped.

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    hey man, thx for stopping by my sb thread. you have some good stuff here. your works are dynamic, you usually show good knowledge of form, and i love your expressions. if there's something i can crit, i would say take another look at the insertion of the thigh into the knee and of the general elbow area. the thigh starts out fat by the hip and groin area and slims down as it reaches the knee. i know comics usually do this the other way around, but it tends to look kinda weird. anyway, keep up with what you're doing, and i would definitely recommend working with values as much as you can. im trying to go back and learn things with value as opposed to line, and its much harder that way. anyway, g'luck man, and again, thx for stopping by my place. ill be around.

    more than (but i'm getting there)

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    Yeap thats the kinda of lines I like, dynamic and with character,
    thanks for posting the goods, I'm all kinds of inspired now
    and the ladies aren't that bad, I mean you have the basic shapes
    well established, just need to slow down, overall its nice
    update, ill come back with better critic on the following days!
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    hey dude! loving this latest stuff! Very retro, but in a good way. Nice, clear, easy to read, doesnt get too bogged down in detail, keep it up!
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    You're running good! The progress you keep on making shows that you have an ... open brain, if I may say so. So envious of that. :{
    The ladies' hips are looking better, just too small at times, perhaps. The shoulder area needs some relaxing though; it should be more of a triangular shape, you know, like a hanger.
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    Hey thx! I dig your stuff too
    The last posts are amazing!

    I' curious what comes next


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    Great stuff, as usual - really like the mutant monster gang member in 1402, and the mutant-wrestler guy.

    Digging the figure studies as well - only thing I'd say is, on some of the females (like 2 and 6), the heads seem a bit small for their bodies. I do the same thing often, and I'm constantly resizing my yeah!

    Keep it coming and all that jazz.

    Cheers and stuff
    oh, here's my sketchbook.

    Also, my website. It would get beat up in a fight.
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    @Kronos: hey man, thanks, catch ya on msn one of these days

    @GOBLINSHARK: yo Alexx, thanks for stoppin by talk to ya later

    @Listing: thank you very much, i'm a fan of your loose lines

    @OldNoobie:not blabbering man, useful suggestions ,more chicks and, hopefully, some color, as soon as i have more time

    @kischi: thanks man!

    @sanoma: thank you VERY much for taking time to write that man, i'll check it out ASAP!

    @purb36: thanks very much for the comment man, i appreciate it, and i'll try to keep that i mind hope to see ya here again soon!

    @maxetormer: thanks amigo, hope to hear from ya soon

    @Amazing Action Ape: thanks man!

    @dmitri: hehe no need to be envious at all thanks for stopping by and the suggestions

    @Chris Noeth: thanks's some more

    @Discoskull: thanks man, cool to see ya here again.I'll keep in mind what ya said.

    Ok guys, long time no post i'm right in the middle of my final exams, so i'm pretty busy...just one last step, and i'm out of this damn school

    didn't draw much at all these days, but here's some stuff just to prove i'm still alive

    so here ya go, skulls, insect thing and the mighty SLAINE!

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    YEAH bebe slaine rocks hard !!!
    really like those bone studies too , i wonder what a thing that left one in the middle is ???
    you know my crit bout the middle pic

    however great updates , more of it !!!
    aviable for fulltime and freelance
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    Slaine rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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