T-DOME: The Last Man Standing - Round Four
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Thread: T-DOME: The Last Man Standing - Round Four

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    T-DOME: The Last Man Standing - Round Four

    T-DOME: The Last Man Standing - Round Four

    18 solid competitors are left, and only 9 of them will make it to next round's 3 man battle madness. With our contenders knowing they are so close to the final round, I'm sure we'll have a ton of amazing art to look forward to.

    We're going to have ourselves a bracketed tournament. Each round will consist of 1 on 1 battles, and the winners of each respective battle will go on to the next round. Eventually we will whittle our way down to the prize fight: a one on one battle between the winner of each bracket division. Winner of that match is the Last Man Standing... the one contender who took down the masses.

    Who's it gonna be then?

    The matches for each round except the last will be RANDOMLY CHOSEN from the pool of 144 competitors. In the last two rounds, the battles will be between 3 men, not 2. The name of the previous rounds are linked up to it's corresponding thread...

    Round I: 144 Competitors - 2 man battles
    Round II: 72 Competitors - 2 man battles
    Round III: 36 Competitors - 2 man battles
    Round IV: 18 Competitors - 2 man battles
    Round V: 9 Competitors - 3 man battles
    Round VI: 3 men enter, one man leaves...

    A child finds his/her imaginary friend...
    We've done demons, we've done complicated battle scenes, a we've done tech... let's see if you can draw a child. The premise is that a child stumbles upon his imaginary friend for the first time. There are no limitations to what the imaginary friend will look like or be, but there must be both the child and friend characters present and accounted for in your finished piece.

    With all the holiday madness popping up, I'm pushing the deadline for this round to next year. The official deadline stands at 11:59pm PST Sunday, January 15th, 2006.

    My bandwidth will commit suicide if I hosted the massive amounts of images expected, so I'll have to ask that you upload your image to your own space and send me the link to your image. You can submit your entries in link form to strych9ine@gmail.com in the yournameVScompetitor'sname_TD.jpg format, with the title of your email yourname's entry. Size: Keep your images large enough so that the detail is preserved, but do your best to keep the file size down (Photoshop's Save for Web function can help quite a bit).

    Keep your secret weapon secret: do not post up you WIPs or Finished Pieces before the main T-DOME threads are displayed. The best part about this is seeing all the artwork for the first time side by side, don't rob us of that chance.

    Jason Manley
    el coro
    Matt Dixon



    Match 1 - eriboss 5-0
    Match 2 - dougbot 4-1
    Match 3 - chris j. anderson! 3-2
    Match 4 - prostate sunrise 5-0
    Match 5 - nicolas 5-0
    Match 6 - dan milligan 4-1
    Match 7 - jason chan 5-0
    Match 8 - steak-tron 4-1
    Match 9 - DSIllustration 4-1

    It's on.

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