Anyhow..I'm gonna go back to doing some figure studies, since I've this new job to do with oodles of time on my hands.

I'm a guard again. It's a living. The good thing is I don't have to scramble for jobs, which I hate doing, and art-wise I can afford to pick and choose which ones I want to do, and can do well. Usually that means cleaning up other's work, or doing murals.

My art site is still here:
And my latest project is here:
(yeah, I know i've got to work on that wordpress template)

I want to get a good comic done by the APE this year, and, if there's time, clean up that 3d project I did earlier this year to release at that convention. (Y'know, the blender3d game demo I did before I learned how to properly texture map models. Ewwwwww! 'Least the code works...mostly.)

Will post the studies a bit later.