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Thread: How to make a signature brush in Photoshop

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    How to make a signature brush in Photoshop

    Hate drawing out your sig every time? Here's a tip to fix that problem...

    1 Make a new document, 500px X 500px preferably, depends on how big you need it. (don’t worry, you can just resize the brush for small pics anyway)
    2 Make a new layer and delete the background layer
    3 Get a suitable brush size and draw out your signature.
    How to make a signature brush in Photoshop
    4 Goto Edit>Define Brush Preset and call it signature. Click OK.
    5 It should pop up with the brush immediately, but if it doesn’t, goto the brush preset window and scroll to the bottom, it should be there.

    How to make a signature brush in Photoshop

    Note- The size you’ve just made it in is the highest it’ll go at that quality, so make sure you make it big. Also, when you click it, it may be too light, so just click over it until it’s dark enough.
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    Good tute! I recommend also that the sig is placed on its own layer and resized down rather than the size being chosen in the brushes palette as the interpolation is better:

    How to make a signature brush in Photoshop
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