This is an image I made a couple of weeks ago to promote the rather cool Satellite Soda, a group of artists I joined some months ago. We held on to it for a bit, but seeing how Nov. 1st is the site's one year anniversary, we thought it would be a good time to release this, before it gets too old.
And we've got some art jams running on the forums in tune with the anniversary, so be sure to check those out as well!

Satellite Soda Go!

The image was made using Photoshop CS for the background as well as several little touch-ups and color correction, whereas I used Painter 9 to color the characters (which were drawn with a pencil).

And I can assure you, that even though one might be able to interpret a whole slew of symbolism/metaphors from this image, none of them are intentional. My main reason for this motive was that I wanted to play with light/dark contrast a bit.

Thanks in advance for any and all comments!

High resolution image here, for those who'd like a look at it.

Also, the art on these boards blows me away, so I'll try and become a regular in the future. For definitely.