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Thread: The Midnight Lair

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    The Midnight Lair

    I did this illustration for one of my classes. It was done in Photoshop CS and Painter IX. Hope you guys like it. :-) (If it's too dark, please let me know!)

    The Midnight Lair
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    great start. has a very star wars feel about it.

    my suggestions...
    1) redraw all the aliens...they are too static and not at all emotionally involved in the moment. it's more like when you're standing in the mall and some guy goes by in a pair of turn to watch him, but outside of the fact he's moving fast you aren't too concerned and go back to shopping. either make them terrified of this guy or mad w/ hate for him. their body language will reflect

    2) the soft 'motion blur' of his cape is killing this piece. the lower left area of his cape is gorgeous. let's see more design work in the tail of it instead of a blur.

    3) i like the translucency you are inferring w/ the cape against the light. however, it doesn't look as if the cape is overlapping it'self at all try to make some more definite shapes w/ in that translucent area that shows how the fabric is falling over his far shoulder.

    great start, very close to being portfolio. PM me if you fix it!
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    Echoing ApolloNuevo here, the alien dude getting his head sliced open shouldn't be so static. Judging by the angle of the man's sword and the blood spray arc, the green dude should be almost falling backwards and to the right side (depending on how hard the hit was; your call ). Needs more dynamics, is all.

    I really like the man's facial expression and pose here, very concentrated and focused.
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    if it's the midnight lair how come there is a big bright light??
    i also agree with the above comments, put some movement into
    the characters instead of making them look so static, my 2 cents

    other than that good job
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