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    Hello all, the last couple months ive been trying to get really serious about art and drawing, since im already 17 and i have like two more years left of school borfore collage I really need to work hard so i can get in to an srt program to get some credits toward the course's id like to take(Computer animation, I already model but i need to learn how to draw better to get better). Anways I have some questions on supplies and reference I have already gone to one life drawing class and plan on going to many many more, also i have some books Anatomy for the artist, and Drawing the head and figure and then drawing the marvel way any other sugestions?. I was reading some of teh stuff in theses forums and read the thing on steading your hand (i have the worst handwriting ever) and people said stuff about useing ball point pens, is there any specific brand or just ball point? And what about prisma color markers? whats the best colors to get(for a newbie?) And any other supplies you can sugest would be nice.

    Thanks in advace


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    the first and most important things is:
    use the supplies you like!

    there is no pencil or such that will make your drawing better. there are pens/pencils/etc that give you more technical potential(expensive brushes -> finer tip) or take away some enerving factors (mechanical pencil -> no sharpening any more)

    make sure to test around for a while to find out what works well for you.

    i can tell only for myself what i use and why:

    i use two mechanical pencils, 0.5mm, grade b and 3h <- you have to find out for yourself which grades work best for you, of course. take a hb pencil and draw with it. what dou you think about it? is it too hard? then try 2b for example. is it vice cersa, then you should try a harder grade. with the very hard grades, you won't be able to produce really dark tones, so a softer one is recomended for adding these tones.

    then i use a lot of brushes for inking: davinci nova 5/0, 3/0, 0 and 2. i like the novas because they're synthetic bristle brushes -> no hair splitting. and because they're cheap (around 2€). i even had a kolinsky sable brush and found out that i like the feel of the synth brush way more.

    inkpens, i use faber-castell ecco pigment because my local supplies shop has them and i don't use inkpens that often that really good ones would justify their price for me.

    the most important key is:

    begin cheap, so you can see if you actually like the medium. if you begin to like e.g. what you can dso with a cheap brush but come to the point where you see that improvement is hindered by the low brush quality, you know why you buy a better one the next time.

    when i find me using inkpens more often, i'll buy better pens than the f-c ones.

    there are a lot of things out there that can be used to make stunning things. just make sure you find those that work well for you.
    what is it worth when you use a colored pencil, andrew jones for example uses for his great gesture drawngs (prismacolor black) and you can't stand it?

    set your own standards

    color-wise, i don't think there are too many differences.
    i think i heard once that a lot of artists use either tuscan red or indigo blue for their preliminary drawing. but that doesn't mean that you'll have more profit from those colors when you love the expressiveness of froggy green

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    Good advice!
    The supplies I use are mainly found in art supply stores, so make sure to go to one to get some good supplies!
    I use Mechanical 0.5mm as well, but sometimes I use graphite pencils! They vary in harness and compression, like 2H would be really hard and light, and 4B would be darker, softer lines, like said above. HB is a good type I suppose for sketching and whatnot.
    H stands for hard
    B stands for soft. Don't ask me why, just does! XD

    Inks are a whole different and huge story. Uniball's are good rollerball pens for a fairly decent price. I can use up to .5mm tipped ones to .2mm. That's the smallest Uniballs come. But I DO have a pen smaller than that - 005 micron pen. Microns are fabricated pens (hard fabric, but fabric none the less) which means the ink is a bit lighter when it comes out, whereas the rollerballs have darker inks in them.
    I also use inda ink, and a pen and nib -with tons of different sized nibs!
    Charcole is good for larger papers, shading and whatnot - those come in Vine and Compressed. Vine is just a less compressed charcole, and runs out more I think.
    There's a brand called Char-Kole (silly, huh?) that works well, so I've heard.

    Markers? I use prismas - I find them good, but if you're going for cheap, crayola is actually O.K....but I don't recommend it. Tria's are about the same price as prismas, but I've never used them - so I can't judge how good they work. But look around! Rose art is an alright brand - used mostly for elementary schools, like crayola. That's why they're cheap! But if you learn how to use em, I guess it could save money.

    Paints are something I rarely deal with, so I can't help you there.

    Erasers - I use this eraser that looks like clay and feels like it too, but it actually is a gum eraser that eats graphite and cleans itself out - so I would recommend that. There's a blue eraser out there that I haven't seen nor used, but if you can find it, I heard it's good.
    Paper is different wherever you want it to be. Bristol boards(smooth) are a good type of poster/paper you can use. They come in 15 packs and vary in size. the smallest I've seen is 9"X12"
    But computer paper works just as fine as well!
    I hope that helps some! Took some time to type up XD
    go to they got some awesome prices and deals there! see if there's a store near you.

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    i think the B stands for 'Black'...

    makes sense i guess

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    i am not sure, B is a softer lead and H is a harder lead

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