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Thread: A couple recent RPG images

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    A couple recent RPG images

    These are for some game(?) that I'm doing some artwork for. It's actually my first foray into greyscale digital images and I'm having a blast so far, and I think it's helping me learn a little bit more than I have been with color lately.

    A couple recent RPG images

    A couple recent RPG images
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    Hi there,

    These are mighty fun guys to look at and they really show personality.

    You seem pretty cautious with the different values, using midtones to hightlight. You could go a bit shinier/lighter and use some harder brushes at places. The small guy in the first picture only stands out cos of his hairdo, his clothes blend a bit too much with the guys in the BG. The guy in the second pic seems to have a bit stiff arms.

    Nice characters. Especially like the big guys in the first pic.
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    Illustration are all about the silhouettes and the overall silhouette of the first one isn't real interesting. Edit: Removed "contrived"/quick paintover.

    It also appears that you're working in middle of your values and not going to pure white or dark. Are you working in color and then transferring it to b&w? If so, that can often ruin some of your values.
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    The halo effect of the paintover looks goofy and contrived, not to mention the evil eyes...
    This is simply a matter of Value. A check of the Levels histogram for this showed a very narrow range of Value. Just adjusting that helped immensely, without adding a "halo" effect.
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