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    Considering career as artist

    I am consididering becoming an artist (cartoonist hopefully) and I need to do a project on it for a buisness class by interviewing someone whose been in the buissness before, so if any one here wouldnt mind answering a couple of questions i would greatly appreciate it.

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    sure, I'd be glad to help!

    I first got into the business when a pastor murdered the woman I loved. Even though all we had was a one night stand, she was the only woman who cared for me. After that, I went on a rampage of revenge. The man who killed her was a farm boy named Kevin who ate women. After I killed them, I went to prison, but got out on a insanity and "confessed" to the crimes that Kevin did. But That Yellow Bastard was still out there, and I had to kill him too. The Big Fat Kill. But I saved the girls in Old Town.

    After all said and done. I took a shit on my neighbors car and shaped the poop into a swastika!

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    shoot - if they are decent questions people will answer.

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    well if you prefer you can private message it cause the questions do concern salary and such that you may want to keep privte but heres the list.

    1)How much experience have you had working in this career?
    2)Are there any specific skills or requirments needed?
    3)Is there any special education or training needed?
    4)What specific changes have taken place in the career over the years?
    5)How do these changes affect the job?
    6)What does the future look like for this career?
    7)What are the best and worst aspects of this career?
    8)What is a normal annual salary?(whether with firm or studio, or self employed)
    9)Name of company you work for and your name.

    I know that some of these are a bit personal and I'm srry to ask you here but I had a bit of trouble getting an interveiw with someone locally.

    and srry to rush, it was dumb on my part but i waited till last min for this and its due tomarrow, so if i could get a reply quickly ill forever be in your debt.
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