Sketchbook: Tensai Tokyo Sketch Thread - Sept 28 Exhibition + Commissioned Work Tests!
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Thread: Tensai Tokyo Sketch Thread - Sept 28 Exhibition + Commissioned Work Tests!

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    1/8th wip for sve

    couldn't update before. had things to do and friends coming over so havent been sketching that much.

    Sirio Brozzi - thanks for commenting on those. i like the top-left thumb best, but i like the idea of what i can do with bottom-right. i might sketch a bit on them simultaneously.

    penciler - more coming soon. thanks for dropping by man.

    sve - thanks for your nice comments. this is funny because i sort of had the same thought with your last couple of paintings in your book. 'what did she do here/how did she do this?' different modes of working but a mutual interest i guess. like i said though, this was just a quick sketch without too much thought. it was just for fun and i wanted to try out some colours and get something with digital that wasnt so flat, or all digital looking.
    because you seemed so curious though, i put up some screenshots for you. pictures say more than words.

    brushpen sketch, added value with marker. the marker will also add some texture. i didnt use it here, but you can also play around with colourless blender which dissolves some of the marker.

    scanned the above sketch and put the layer blend mode on multiply. then painted on a layer below it. added the other structures (i think they were moving buildings) and colours/lighting. you can see i was just doing a quick test cause i didnt even bother to sketch the other buildings on paper.

    overpainting: lines were really heavy so you can knock it back and add more atmosphere by painting over it. i spattered some gouache around with a toothbrush, scanned it, made a brush and splattered around. you can set the layer or the brush on a different blending mode too get more interaction between whats under it, and what youre putting down.

    again, its just a small sketch, done real quick to test my brush and markers. nothing that would normally ask for a wip i think. but i do like the technique and use it in different forms every now and then.

    would love to see how you did some of your recent paintings. now those were brilliant!

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