Sketchbook: Tensai Tokyo Sketch Thread - Sept 28 Exhibition + Commissioned Work Tests!
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    Icon Tensai Tokyo Sketch Thread - Sept 28 Exhibition + Commissioned Work Tests!

    thanks for all the comments! - really appreciate it.

    Atmospheria - thanks, maybe you'll have a crit later - there is always place for improvement no?

    MorteM - cheers, my dad is a shoe designer so i grew up with shoes and the smell of glue and leather everywhere...

    Shamagim - didnt know this book was anticipated. the tentacle ship originally started out as a duct ship. see below.

    PoohGee - cheers. glad you like the design..

    Salaryman - that means a lot coming from you! big big fan of your work. hope to get to that next level drawing skill of yours.

    Bojee - yeah i'll probably end up using it in an environment pic i need to occupy. more like starting from a city scene and occupy it with designs or character that i did. as opposed to making a background for a design i did, know what i mean? the environments are my lead character...

    clogik - thanks man, love your book. i like to see books with design sketches. its CA after all.

    alright. i went and did some more thumbs on the ship design. i like the tentacle ship sketch but when i did the first thumbs i was thinking of a ship made of ducts and pipes.

    duct ship pencil line

    and coloring in PS

    i like the design, but think i like the colors of that glowing tentacle version better. i did pencils on my lighttable this time and i think i miss the blue pencil line, which kept things a bit more loose.

    quick sketch with mitsubishi brushpen

    with copic w i d e marker to add basic value

    older sketch of my parents living room in amsterdam

    quick bot designsketch, i like these compact low by the ground things. will have to try some more later on.

    now if anybody is gonna hook me up with some crits, that would be cool

    more soon.

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