Art: Calwyn's College courses. Life Drawing + Still life..I learned nothing in high school

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    Calwyn's College courses. Life Drawing + Still life..I learned nothing in high school

    After 4 years of art classes in high school I really didn't progress that much in terms of my understanding of how to draw. It seems as though you don't start progressing until you begin paying for your education...Anywho I'm taking 2 art courses at a Mohawk College in Hamilton Ontario, and I've been learning so much. But I'm only 17 and have quite a bit of learning to do still. So I thought I should ask for constructive critisim on here to help me improve my skills. One thing I struggle with in my drawings is getting convincing depth (My teacher explained many different ways of getting depth but I'm not grasping the concept as well I as would like to be) so if you guys have suggestions for depth perception they would be appretiated, as well as any other tips and tricks for improvement in my drawings.

    The life drawings (the nudes) are 30 minute sketches, and the still life are about 2-2 and 1/2 hour drawings. Well here are all my drawings from the course up to date, please comment your brains out! Thanks for looking and commenting.

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    nice set of drawings..hmm to achieve depth and understand perspective.. is a great site for hard but the more you understand it the easier it the loomis books are anatomy but dont go over board go little by little.. the hale books are great..keep drawing...practice drawing from see how much you know of the figure..

    my new site, is crazy stuff but is my own space, I can say whatever!! hehe:
    One of the art schools I respect the most:
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    Thanks for the reply, I'll look into the books and website you mentiond. I've done a bit of figure drawing since being in my courses and my knowledge of the human figure has greatly improved my figure drawing from memory. I did a simple cave man drawing out of bordem and its movment and form was much better then previous drawings of people before I started these courses. Once again thanks for the reply. Do you have any personal methods of achieving depth that you would like to share?

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    Learn the rules of perspective, and do a lot of lifedrawing and observation with those rules in mind (learning the rules is easy, learning to apply them takes a lot of ... practice ). Manmade objects, like a chair, printer, house, ... work great for that.

    Keep in mind that every object occupies some 'space', at times some of your objects are fighting for this space, for instance, on the lifedrawing of the more obese woman, front view, you indicate that she has a round belly, but her breasts go right down, as if they are 'inside' her tummy, of course they should be on top of it !

    It helped me a lot to take a ruler, or my hand, and analyse what different positions would give as a 2D line and what different POV's would do (keep the object in the same position, but move my head in another position).

    Keep it up !

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