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    question for all you pro painters

    I'm just curious of all you pro painters out there...

    Do you guys work out of your homes, in an office/studio or garage/studio or do you rent/borrow another space specifically to do your painting in? and regardless of that answer... would you prefer to work from home or in a seperate studio space elsewhere?

    I take the 7 train through Queens every morning to go to work and see these giant warehouses converted to artist loft spaces in L.I.C. every day. Seems like it'd be so cool to have a space like that to work! ...and then I start thinking, damn, I'd rather just work from home, who wants to get up and trudge out to a studio in the rain or snow? But then again, some people work better away from the distractions at home.

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    I could never work at home. It is far too easy to slip into a lazy mood and just slack off. A studio (not a studio apartment) is a great thing because it puts you in the working atmosphere. Once you are in that atmosphere it is harder to get lazy. Well, for me at least.
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    Since I quit the ad biz, I work from home, basically because I originally had no choice. I've been in the process of rebuilding and rearranging the place so I have four different areas to work in, depending on how "dirty" what I'm doing is. Not the best, but during good weather, I get to work outside, too, which is really great.

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    I've done both and each has its good and bad points. Working in a seperate studio is good because it feels more like you're "at work". You have less distractions to pull you away and generally get more out of the hours you put in. The fact that you're paying an extra rent also emphasizes the point that you are there to do a job. Good amount of space generally speaking, which is great for working large and for shooting models.

    Right now I'm working from home, and the benefits there are thus for me: Full access to my music and video collections (I nearly always have something to listen to while I work), immediate access to my computer/internet, meal breaks are cheap because I cook my own food right in my own kitchen, It's actually easier to put in late nights (I don't have a commute back to my bed when I'm done in), and maybe most important to me right now: fits the budget.

    Ideally, I'd like a nice sized seperate studio space that's within a block of where I live. One day that may be possible, but that's not this day. I've heard alot of people say that a home studio is bad because you get alot less work done (if any, for some people I know). Like most things, you just need to know your own self. If you have the discipline and the extra space, give it a try.

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