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    photo reference

    I finally got it through my thick skull to do a photo reference pic, this isn't the finished product, I just wanna hear what I'm doing wrong before I put too much time into it. EDIT: Jeeze, I already see ten things I messed up

    (and yes, this is the most appropriate picture I could find)

    photo reference

    photo reference

    Again, be as harsh and brutal as you deem necessary, the only way to learn is through painful, painful failure. (ignore the shading though, it's just a rush-job placeholder)

    Updated pic

    photo reference
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    Thanks for posting this. It makes feel good (to see you're using references). You are also weird.


    OK. The main problem is that you're not measuring acurately. See where an element falls in relation to two or three other things. This is rampant throughout the piece. To help you start off, you can use a grid and just translate the image over. Some think this is cheating, but you're training your eye and soon you won't need the grid.

    Also realize that line weight indicates value shift when you aren't serious about adding values. What little variation there is in your line weight is usually opposite of what you want (hos left fist is a perfect example).

    There are a lot of things to think about, but as soon as you're aware of them, you can start working on them and they will become natural with practice.

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    The second one is looking ALOT better. Be careful of the ass cheek though, it's more curvy than it should be.

    A bit of advice Hurricane gives everyone:

    Look, Look, Draw.

    Look at subject, compare with piece. Do it again. Draw a few lines you memorized. check those lines, then go to the next part. My suggestion- Leave value out until you finish lines. Keep being weird, you sell more shtuff that way.

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