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    Valve games

    so yeah, i've decided to create a thread all about the games made by valve and discuss future products and crack down all the hyping bullshit people blabber on about. So yeah, we'll be sharing screenshots, reviews, interviews, and anti-hype discussions. so feel free to communicate with everyone in this thread with you opinions and questions, no flaming.

    First topic, Half-Life2-Lost coast (bonus HDR level)
    for all i know is that this is soon to be released by the end of october.
    I'm really sick of hearing people crying about how their computers are so damn shitty and feel it won't run at all. Also not to mention valve saying you'll need the best damn box to run this little peice of advanced technological demonstration that is "supposed to" belittle and make everyone feel small and weak. The Truth is, HDR is not that big of a fucking deal. Seriously, it's not that hard on any graphics card(only ones below FX series or Older radeon models).
    Take Day of Defeat for example, that game has HDR implemented. All it mostly is real-time self adjusting bloom and more realistic reflections and other sorts of lighting.

    Here's what i was running this game on.
    (my Computer)
    Athlon XP +2500 1.8ghz
    1gb of DDR400 RAM
    Radeon 9800 Pro w/ 256mb ram
    MSI Nforce 2 chipset integrated into my MSI k7n2 Deluxe motherboard

    (Day of Defeatource video settings)
    Resolution: 1280x1024 (resolution is more important than AA, ou don't need AA if you got lots of resolution)
    reflections: reflect all
    HDR:FULL(i'm not kidding)
    no AA or anisotropic filtering (these two things are pretty much the only thing that'll make your graphics cards have a nuclear meltdown)

    I'm running this game online at full detail all (turned high) and it runs without breaking a sweat, no chopping, just sound lag, cuase i'm using crappy integrated sound. so, those of you who think their computer is incapable of running the LOST COAST bunus level, are just being paranoid. so relax.

    when i download this level, i'm pretty confident that it'll run just fine.
    valve was just hyping it to make it sound like it's going to crack every computer a regular gamer has.

    so , feel free to share your opinions if you want. correct me if i'm wrong or whatever.
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