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    Industrial Society Destroys Mind and Environment

    Dear Group Members,

    I want to share an article with you. This is about the link between Mind and Social / Environmental-Issues. The article is related to Visual Processing, Arts, Subjective-Experience and states of Consciousness - and would be of interest to members of ConceptArt forum. The fast-paced, consumerist lifestyle of Industrial Society is causing exponential rise in psychological problems - besides destroying the Environment. The article explains why it is so difficult to control the Mind in today's fast society where attention-spans are down to nanoseconds, microseconds and milliseconds. Make things , Buy things , Sell things - this is not the purpose of life. All issues are interlinked. Our Minds can never be spiritual or peaceful if we destroy Nature.

    Thank you,
    Sushil Yadav

    [ My background is given in the first letter ( letter No. 1 ) under the
    topic " Correspondence with neuroscientists " on the website : ]


    Please note : The article has been written in short sentences rather than paragraph-form because it is about subjective experience / emotion/ reduction of thought.

    Industrial Society Destroys Mind and Environment.

    Subject : In a fast society slow emotions become extinct.
    Subject : A thinking mind cannot feel.
    Subject : Scientific/ Industrial/ Financial thinking destroys the planet.
    Subject : Environment can never be saved as long as cities exist.

    Emotion is what we experience during gaps in our thinking.

    If there are no gaps there is no emotion.

    Today people are thinking all the time and are mistaking thought (words/ language) for emotion.

    When society switches-over from physical work (agriculture) to mental work (scientific/ industrial/ financial/ fast visuals/ fast words ) the speed of thinking keeps on accelerating and the gaps between thinking go on decreasing.

    There comes a time when there are almost no gaps.

    People become incapable of experiencing/ tolerating gaps.

    Emotion ends.

    Man becomes machine.

    A society that speeds up mentally experiences every mental slowing-down as Depression / Anxiety.

    A ( travelling )society that speeds up physically experiences every physical slowing-down as Depression / Anxiety.

    A society that entertains itself daily experiences every non-entertaining moment as Depression / Anxiety.





    I am trying to get the following experiment conducted in a psychophysiology/ bio-chemistry laboratory.

    There is a link between visual / verbal speed ( in perception, memory,
    imagery ) and the bio-chemical state of the brain and the body.

    Emotion can intensify / sustain only when visual and verbal processing
    associated with the emotion slows down ( stops / freezes ).

    The degree of difficulty of an emotion depends upon the degree of
    freezing (of visuals and words ) required to intensify and sustain that
    particular emotion.


    Subjects (preferably actors specialising in tragedy / tragic roles )
    will be asked to watch a silent video film showing any of the

    (1) Human suffering.
    (2) Animal suffering.
    (3) Suffering ( Destruction ) of Air / Water / Land / Trees.

    Subjects will be asked to intensify and sustain the subjective feeling of pain/ grief for the sufferer.

    The chemical changes associated with the emotion in the body(blood) would be measured by appropriate methods.

    The silent video film will be shown at different speeds :
    (1) 125% of actual speed.
    (2) Actual/real speed.
    (3) 75% of actual speed.
    (4) 50% of actual speed.
    (5) 25% of actual speed.

    Results :

    (1) Intensity of emotion increases with the decrease in visual speed.
    (2) Intensity of emotion is maximum when visual speed is minimum (25%
    of actual speed)

    (3) The amount of chemical change associated with the emotion in the
    body(blood) will be found to increase with the decrease in visual speed.

    (4) The chemical change is maximum when visual speed is minimum.
    (5) The amount of chemical change will increase with the decrease in
    breathing rate. Breathing becomes so slow and non-rhythmic that it stops
    for some time at the inhalation/ exhalation stages.

    The above co-relations will be valid for all subjects -even for those who cannot feel pain/ grief. Such subjects will experience emotion associated with boredom/ discomfort/ restlessness/ irritability/ uneasiness. The chemicals released will be different but the co-relation between visual speed and amount of chemical will be same( the breathing rates will be different/ fast).
    All subjects will experience some kind of emotion.

    [If scientists can discover 4000 different chemicals in cigarette-smoke then they can certainly detect the few chemicals released in blood when we experience higher-level emotions like pain, empathy, compassion, remorse etc… ]

    In the 2nd stage of experiment we shall replace the silent video film with a Narrator ( Audio only ) and repeat the procedure thereby establishing the link between intensity of emotion and verbal speed. The narrator will slow down verbal speed by-- speaking slowly, stretching words, repetition of words/ sentences & making use of
    pause/ silence between words.

    Please note:
    While this statement is generally true for all emotions, it is
    particularly true for all painful emotions.

    (2) In a society in which visual ( verbal ) speed and breathing- rates
    are fast , pain / remorse / empathy cannot be experienced. It is

    Proof of the link between pain and slow visuals / words :-

    In the last century man has made thousands of movies / films on various
    themes / subjects. Whenever pain / tragedy is shown in any film the
    visuals ( scenes ) and words ( dialogues ) are always slowed down. In
    many films tragedy is shown in slow motion. At the most intense moment
    of pain the films almost become static / stationary.

    Tragedy-films provide direct proof / evidence of the link between pain
    and slowness.

    Pain can intensify / sustain only when visual ( and verbal ) speed slows
    down( stops/ freezes).


    One thousand years ago visuals would change only when man physically
    moved himself to a new place or when other people ( animals / birds )
    and objects ( clouds / water ) physically moved themselves before him.

    Today man sits in front of TV / Computer and watches the rapidly
    changing visuals / audio.

    He sits in a vehicle ( car / train / bus ) and as it moves he watches
    the rapidly changing visuals.

    He turns the pages of a book / newspaper / magazine and sees many
    visuals / text in a short span.


    In ancient times verbal processing was “live” in nature—ie it happened when people actually spoke.
    Today there is non-stop verbal processing inside the mind through print and electronic media ( newspapers, books, magazines, radio, television, computer etc…) as a result of which the verbal content & speed has increased thousands of times.

    The speed of visuals ( and words ) has increased so much during the last
    one hundred years that today the human brain has become incapable of
    focussing on slow visuals /words through perception, memory, imagery.

    If we cannot focus on slow visuals / words we cannot experience emotions
    associated with slow visuals /words.

    Before the advent of Industrial Revolution Man's thinking was primarily
    limited to :

    (a) visual processing ( slow visuals )
    (b) verbal / language processing ( slow words )

    Today there are many kinds of fast thinking :

    (1) visual processing ( fast visuals )
    (2) verbal / language processing ( fast words )
    (3) Scientific / Technical thinking ( fast )
    (4) Industrial thinking ( fast )
    (5) Business thinking ( fast )


    As long as the mind is doing this kind of thinking it cannot feel any
    emotion - not an iota of emotion.

    In a fast society slow emotions become extinct.
    In a thinking ( scientific / industrial ) society emotion itself becomes extinct.


    There are certain categories of people who feel more emotion (subjective experience ) than others.

    If we attempt to understand why (and how ) they feel more emotion we can learn a lot about emotion.

    Writers, poets, actors, painters ( and other artists )

    Writers do verbal ( and associated visual) processing whole day- every day.
    They do slow verbal ( and associated visual) processing every day.
    (A novel that we read in 2 hours might have taken 2 years to write. This is also the reason why the reader can never feel the intensity & duration of emotion experienced by the writer )

    Poets do verbal ( and associated visual ) processing whole day- every day.
    There is more emotion in poetry than in prose.
    This happens because there are very few words ( and associated visuals ) in poetry than in any other kind of writing.
    There is a very high degree of freezing / slowing down of visuals & words in poetry.

    Actors do verbal ( and associated visual ) processing whole day- every day. During shooting / rehearsal they repeat the dialogues ( words ) again and again ( the associated visuals / scenes also get repeated along with the dialogues )

    Painters do visual ( and associated verbal ) processing whole day- every day.
    They do extremely slow visual processing - The visual on the canvas changes only when the painter adds to what already exists on the canvas.

    There are some important points to be noted :

    All these people do visual & verbal processing - whole day - every day.
    They do slow visual & verbal processing.
    They do not do scientific / industrial / business processing whole day - every day.

    Most of the city people doing mental work either do this kind of mental processing which is associated with NUMBERS / SYMBOLS/ Equations / Graphs / CIRCUITS / DIAGRAMS / MONEY / ACCOUNTING etc… or they do fast visual ( verbal ) processing whole day - every day.

    This kind of thinking ( processing ) has come into existence only during the last 200 years and has destroyed our emotional ability ( circuits ).


    Suppose the maximum intensity(and duration) of a particular emotion that
    can be experienced by any human being is 100 units.

    Let us suppose the maximum intensity(and duration) of that particular emotion ever
    experienced by two people A & B in their entire life is :
    A - 100units
    B - 20 units

    Now suppose A & B are made subjects on a particular day and are asked
    to feel that particular emotion under experimental conditions ( or
    outside the laboratory ) and the intensity &duration they actually experience is

    A - 90 units
    B - 18 units

    If A & B are then asked to indicate the intensity &duration of emotion on a scale
    of 0 -10 their response is likely to be ;

    A - 9
    B - 9

    Who is right and who is wrong ?
    A is right.
    B is wrong - B is wrong by a wide margin - B has experienced an
    intensity(and duration) of 18 units out of a maximum of 100 units and his correct /
    actual score should be 1.8

    Self- assessment ( self rating ) can be accurate only if people have
    the capacity to experience the highest intensity &duration ( units ) of the
    particular emotion under study.

    Because of physical work and slow visual/verbal processing in small(slow)agriculture based societies of the past, the mind used to experience a state of emotion all the time. If we read one thousand-year-old literature we will not come across the term "boredom" -the concept of boredom did not exist in slow societies. There were long gaps between different visuals and between words/ sentences -and people had the ability to experience/ tolerate the gaps -it was normal for them.

    Emotion can intensify / sustain only when visual / verbal processing slows down ( stops / freezes ). In an Industrial (thinking) society people experience very little emotion because of fast ( visual / verbal / scientific / industrial / business ) thinking

    Suppose the maximum intensity and duration of a particular emotion ( for most people ) in a fast society has reduced to 5 units ( from 100 units that people used to experience in earlier /slower societies ).

    If such people experience 4 units of emotion they will give themselves a
    rating /score of 8 on a scale of 0-10 whereas their actual score should
    be 0.4


    IQ Vs EQ

    IQ always has an element of change in it – IQ is about trying to make/ discover/ invent something new all the time.
    Change is an inherent feature of IQ.
    IQ is also about thinking more in less time—it involves speeding up of mind. Someone who does more mathematics in less time is considered more intelligent in mathematics. IQ is about change and speed.

    EQ is about sustainment of the same feeling/experience over a period of time. When we experience any higher-level emotion for 10 minutes we experience the same feeling( subjective experience) over and over again for 10 minutes.
    The( same) feeling can sustain only if there is Repetition.
    EQ involves Repetition—Constancy—Sameness.

    IQ and EQ are contradictory.
    IQ and EQ are opposites.
    IQ and EQ are inversely proportional.

    (1) A thinking species destroys the planet.
    (2) Animals lived on earth for billions of years (in very large numbers)
    without destroying nature.
    (3) They did not destroy nature because their thinking / activity was
    limited to searching for food for one time only.
    (4) Man has existed on earth in large numbers for only a few thousand
    years / a few hundred years.
    (5) Within this short period Man has destroyed the environment.
    (6) This destruction took place because of Man's thinking.
    (7) When man thinks he makes things.
    (8) When he makes things he kills animals / trees / air / water / land.
    ( Nothing can be made without killing these five elements of nature ).

    (9) A thinking species destroys the planet.

    Intelligence Is A Curse.

    This planet is on the verge of total destruction.

    The cause of destruction is – overactivity.
    [Out of millions of species in this world the human-species is the only one that has indulged in overactivity]

    The cause of overactivity is – Intelligence.
    [The environment would never have got destroyed if Man had been only as intelligent as animals]

    Intelligence is the biggest cause/ source of destruction in this world.

    [In fact Intelligence is the only cause of destruction in this world other than natural causes]


    There is no higher purpose behind work.

    People do not work because they want to work.
    People work because they cannot stop working.

    People cannot stop physical activity and mental activity (simultaneously) for even 2 minutes.

    For most people it is a choice between physical and mental work.
    The switch-over from physical work to mental work is disastrous for the planet.

    Man can do the same physical work every day.
    Man cannot do the same mental work every day.

    When man used to do physical work ( farming and related activities ) he could do the same repetitive work day after day- generation after generation.

    After the Industrial Revolution when man switched-over to mental work he
    began a never ending process of making new machines / things / products--
    a process which can only end with the complete destruction of environment ( planet ).

    The nature of mental work is such that man has to do new mental work every day- in fact he has to do new mental work every moment- Man cannot repeat in the next moment the mental work that he has already done in the previous moment.

    A mathematician cannot solve the same problem of mathematics every day- once he has solved it he will be forced to take up a new( unsolved) problem. Even when he is solving one particular problem he has to move from one step to another - there is a continuous change involved -- there is no constancy at any stage.

    An engineer cannot design the same machine again and again –once he has made a machine he will try to make changes/ design a new one.

    A writer cannot write the same article every day- he will be forced to write something new every day/ every moment (This is also the reason behind endless discussions/ debates/ arguments).

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    Discussions, Debates and Arguments.

    Let us examine how much discussion we are collectively having in Industrial Society every day.

    Millions of pages in print – newspapers / books / magazines.
    Millions of web-pages on internet every day.

    Now add to this all the conversation (discussion) we are having through radio / television / telephone and several other media every day.

    And add to this all the discussion we are having through face-to-face interaction.

    The volume of discussion per individual in one week is greater than the total discussion someone living in pre-industrial society would have in his entire life.

    There is too much discussion in modern society.
    Discussion is not solving our problems – discussion itself has become a problem – a gigantic problem.

    A society that does mental work will discuss itself to destruction [extinction]

    A society that does mental work will argue itself to destruction [extinction]

    A society that does mental work will debate itself to destruction [extinction]

    A society that does mental work can never stop discussions / debates / arguments – it is impossible.
    It will discuss / debate / argue till the last moment of it’s existence.

    Discussions / Debates / Arguments – these are creations of a society that has switched-over from physical work to mental work.

    Discussions / Debates / Arguments – these are diseases of a society that has switched-over from physical work to mental work.

    Discussions / debates / arguments can end only in agriculture-based societies that do physical work.

    We cannot do physical-work and mental-work simultaneously.

    There is an inverse relationship between physical-work and mental-work.
    If one is high [more] the other has got to be low [less]

    If we want to do physical work we have to reduce mental activity by the same proportion.
    If we want to do mental work we have to reduce physical activity by the same proportion.

    There is very little discussion / debate / argument in societies that do physical work - ie, agriculture-based societies - And this is the reason why they are millions of times saner than industrial societies.

    Change is an inherent feature of mental work.

    Since change is an inherent feature of mental work - a society that does mental work can never be at peace with itself – it is impossible.

    A society that does mental work will always be restless.

    Only those societies that do physical work [agriculture and related activities] can find contentment and peace.


    To save the [ remaining ] environment from destruction man will have to
    return back to physical work [ smaller communities ].

    To save the mind from mental diseases man will have to return back to
    physical work [ smaller communities ].

    Criminality and Abnormality.

    Industrial Society has collectively killed billions of Animals and Trees [ Remember -plant and animal species developed over a period of millions of years]

    It has also killed most of Water and Air [ Please note - polluting Water and Air is equivalent to killing Water and Air ]

    The soil was not fertile when the earth was created. It became fertile - very slowly - over a period of millions of years. And look what man has done - He has covered millions and millions of hectares of land with cement and concrete. All the land that has been covered with cement and concrete has been killed.

    Man has stockpiled thousands of tonnes of highly radioactive nuclear material and nuclear waste which is going to remain highly radioactive and carcinogenic for the next thousands of years - and which has already leaked into the environment hundreds of times.

    What could be more criminal than this.
    What could be more abnormal than this.

    Lawyers and Judges are trying to catch a few criminals.
    They don’t realize the entire Industrial Society is criminal.

    Psychologists and Psychiatrists are trying to classify a few people as abnormal.
    They don’t realize the entire Industrial Society is abnormal.

    Industrial Society is collectively making millions of tonnes of weapons and explosives [of all kinds] every year – and then it wonders why there is so much violence in this world.

    Big Mystery.

    If you make millions of tonnes of weapons and explosives on earth they are going to be used on earth – they are not going to be used on Mars.

    There was a time when Man knew nothing about the number of species and
    millions of species existed.
    Today Man knows the names of millions of species and nothing is left of
    the species.

    After destroying millions of highly-developed species on earth Man is today searching for a few molecules of life in outer-space.

    If a few microbes, a few molecules of methane / water are found on Mars - it becomes the newspaper headline.

    They call it progress.

    The following is about to come true.

    Nature can exist

    (1) before man.
    (2) after man.
    (3) not with man.

    Environment can be saved only if we stop production of most [ more than
    99% ] of the consumer goods we are making today.



    Time is running out for this planet.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Sushil Yadav

    Please note :

    Fast emotions = emotions associated with fast visuals/fast words/fast breathing/fast heart-rate.
    Slow emotions = emotions associated with slow visuals/slow words/slow breathing/slow heart-rate.
    Rate of thinking = number of visuals/words processed per minute.
    Gaps between thinking = gaps between visuals/ words/ sentences.

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    What a crock of horseshit.
    I actually chewed through 2/3 of this pseudo-scientific crapola before realizing just how stupid this hypothesis is.
    The crowning statements putting the final nails in the preposterousness of this were:
    "Change is an inherent feature of mental work.
    To save the [ remaining ] environment from destruction man will have to
    return back to physical work [ smaller communities ].
    To save the mind from mental diseases man will have to return back to
    physical work [ smaller communities ]. "

    So, although man evolved from an agricultural society to an industrial one, the insistance that we need to destroy the cities, and go back to smaller farming communities will not reduce "mental work," and if things were so "wonderful" as an agricultural society, how on earth did that evil mental work come about in the first place to cause change??? Claptrap.

    "Man can do the same physical work every day.
    Man cannot do the same mental work every day."
    As any physical laborer will tell you, you may be doing the same TYPE of work every day, but it is NOT the same work. Once you till a field, you have to either find another field to till, or do something else. Again, Clap Trap.

    "People cannot stop physical activity and mental activity (simultaneously) for even 2 minutes." So, people who meditate, or do yoga are not stopping physical/mental activity? More clap trap...
    And what about sleeping?

    Of course to dissuss or debate these "facts" just plays into the fatalistic claptrap statement of,
    " A society that does mental work can never stop discussions / debates / arguments – it is impossible.
    It will discuss / debate / argue till the last moment of it’s existence."

    So, I think we should all just let this overly long, totally BOGUS, UNSUBSTANTIATED, FLAWED, FATALISTIC piece of absolute bullshit find it's last moment of existance, since any logic or intelligent replies (unfortunately including this one) only keep the "horrible mental work" alive, and "Time is running out for this Planet," so by shooting this piece of clap trap in the head, maybe we'll all get an extra couple of minutes think?

    (Mind you, you've wasted those minutes, and probably a good 3-4 minutes more, just reading this entire bullshit thread...
    That someone is compelled to sign up to join forums SOLELY for the purpose of posting this stupidity is even more off-the-wall than the moronic theory he proposes...)

    The biggest Gap between thinking is the space between Sushil's ears...
    Change is Inevitable, Growth is Optional
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    I simply *can not* believe you posted those two gigantic posts - and those are the *only two* posts you've made.

    Just... wow.

    [edit] I will say that you and my seven year old have a lot in common...

    [edit 2] "We cannot do physical-work and mental-work simultaneously." I do some of my best thinking when I'm doing physical work. Man, there are just so many things here you got wonkified, it's making my head spin. If it wasn't so late, and I didn't have to be up early tomorrow I'd take you on.

    Wow. Just... wow.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sushil_yadav
    The article explains why it is so difficult to control the Mind in today's fast society where attention-spans are down to nanoseconds, microseconds and milliseconds.
    yeah....thats why I couldn't make it past this sentence...

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    This is dribble. I hate these bizarre theories will people will make up states of psyche in order to contradict them in hoped of provoking thought.
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    I find your article pretty fascinating, and feel that many of the premises are true. The point that I might contend with is whether or not intelligence is a bad thing or will ultimately lead to our own self destruction. I'm not sure if I can keep this from becoming a rant, but I'll try.

    Its my belief that intelligence is an organism's (not human only) ability to adapt and survive in its environment. Its a tool, that is either beyond or beside subconcious and emotions. The purpose of this tool is to overcome instinct and emotion in case they are not going to do an adequate job.

    For example, suppose a flock of birds had to relocate to a foreign environment for whatever reason. When they arrive there, they will have a whole other set of problems to contend with what to eat, where to nest, etc. Their previously learned experiences (subconcious) will not be of as much use here and they will need to innovate and come up with new ways to survive, or else face death and extinction. Those who are intelligent enough to adapt will be the ones who survive and those who cannot adapt will not. So the purpose of intelligence is to aid us in survival and survival is one of the few meanings of life that I dont think can be debated.

    A friend of mine believes that we need to return to a tribal way of living, as that is speculated as the original lifestyle of humanity. But, I disagree. In time, tribes may come to compete with one another.. eventually two tribes might come together in order to gain protection from a third tribe. Again, intelligence at work, for survival. Go down this train of thought and now we have huge tribes of nations, states, and alliances world wide all vying for evolutionary supremacy.

    Now, I won't disagree that there is many things that come along with all of this that are not good for us or the environment. However, until these things really start threatening our survival, I dont think that much will be done about it. It will take some kind of collective awakening for us to move up the rung on the ladder of evolutionary intelligence. In a way this happens on a small scale on an almost daily basis. There are many things that have changed in the past century and there are arguably some improvements and some new problems. If you look at that from a cosmological or evolutionary standpoint, its really not all that much time.

    All of the thinking/intelligence type things we do, I dont think is necessarily without purpose. Our evolutionary purposes are to ensure and protect our lives and to procreate and carry on the species. We use intelligence to aid us in these aims. When it becomes smarter for us to unite and keep peace, we do so, and when our neighbors turn against us, we fight them.

    As for whether or not this will all lead ultimately to our destruction, I'm not sure if any of us will know until that happens. But, if we do wipe ourselves out, then thats just the way its going to go. Extinction has happened to many other species on this planet and seems to be the way of things. One can only hope that collectively we come to realize the shortcomings of the things we do, and eliminate them for the purposes of our survival.

    I'd be interested in seeing where your research leads to and if scientists can do these kind of experiments at this time. It might be of interest to you that there is a group of scientists and bhuddhists who have gotten together to analyze the mind called the MindLife Institute. A lot of their research is focused on the mind - concentration, emotion, happiness, etc. Anyways, good luck on your work.
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    Sushil...I'm gonna need some time to digest all this info, so...why don't you go and have a talk with Taren. Unlike most of us poor stupid bastard artists, he a real genius who know everything. Just mention you're personal friends with Darwin...

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    I'll have to be honest.

    I found Madster's reply more interesting that that long 2 posts combined.

    And to quote madster....."What a crock of horseshit".....

    Its 3am and I got work to finish.....I have to put away my "slow" emotions.
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    nothing iritates me more than technophobic luddites. If technology is so bad, then why are you using a computer?

    ah, fuck it

    Industrial Society Destroys Mind and Environment

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    Industrial Society Destroys Mind and Environment

    Madster - If you don’t understand a topic it is better to keep quiet rather than post a quick reply and make a complete fool of yourself.

    You are trying to teach Yoga and Meditation to me? As far as these fields are concerned you are in Kindergarten stage. Ever heard of the term Samadhi? – this is the state where mental and physical activities stop simultaneously. And how many people are capable of achieving this state – just a handful – you can count them on your fingertips. In my article I am referring to the general population.

    You say sleep is associated with stoppage of activity. Most of the time the mind is dreaming or processing the work it had done in the day. Mental thinking stops only in deep sleep. Moreover in my article I am talking about the wakeful state and not the sleeping state.

    One has to be a complete idiot to not notice the differences between Physical Work and Mental Work. You are talking about ploughing one field and then moving to another one. What does that prove? When a farmer moves from one field to another he still does the same work – year after year.

    When a mathematician moves from one page to another – does he continue solving the same problem again and again – year after year.

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    I can't say I fully understand everything after just one read through, but I think I get the jist of it. I tend to agree with what Sushil is saying, if I understand everything. I think modern society is moving faster than humans can adapt to it. Because of technolgy the speed of at which we interact with the world is increasing exponentially. Kind of like how quickly new and faster computers come out every couple of years. It's like, the faster the computer, the faster it can make another one. The problem with that is we can't keep up biologically.

    Imagine what it was like to take a business trip across country 100 years ago. You leave your office, get on a train, and get where you're going days later. While you're on the train there's no cell phones, internet, TV, and radio. I would prefer things to be that way, cuz I could sketch during the whole trip. Although I do love my internet That's basically why I moved to a remote island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. To get away from all the BS you have to deal with on a daily basis. Now all I have to do is hang out with my family, and do art. Oh, and go to the beach of course.

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    "...attention-spans are down to nanoseconds, microseconds and milliseconds."

    That's where you lost me. Using hyperboles in serious explanations is the quickest way to lose credibility (do you know how long a nanosecond is?). One of the longest ways is to make the explanation so long and serpetine as to constantly lose the point and push the reader off Sandra Bullock's errant bus.

    If you have an argument to support, you're going about it the wrong way.

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    if you don't like technology then just don't use it or move in with the amish.
    gosh golly gee whiz batman, why the do you have to preach to the rest of us technophiliacs?

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    Yutani - Is anyone forcing you to read the article? All topics are not for everyone to read. There are hundreds and thousands of other threads. You can move on to something else.


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    Yet another non-artist joins up for the single purpose of spewing his crack-pot political and/or religious dogmas down our throats. The new member screening idea is sounding better to me by the hour.

    And wait... Anti technology guy preaching with a computer on online forums? Do as you say and not as you do, huh?

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