**ELVES**painting characters from last week!** NEW WORK! + TUTORIAL

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    Lightbulb **ELVES**painting characters from last week!** NEW WORK! + TUTORIAL

    FINISHED WORK-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    FINISHED... on to the next character, hopefully this next one won't take as much time.

    FINISHED....but Crits are welcome.

    FINISHED....but like always Crits are welcome. I did this for The Character of the Week.

    There is a tutorial of this picture in my SKETCHES AND WIP section, check it out if your interested. Heres to you Loren Buddy-o-Pal hope this helps you,

    SKETCHES and WIP---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Hey everyone!

    I have realized that the time has come for me to do some more "fantasy" type stuff so I can eventually get a damn job. SO...I am trying to draw a character a day and so far it is proving somewhat successful. I will hopefully post another one today, but seriously I am soo scatterbrained it's rediculous. Hope everyone likes.
    These drawings I'm going to paint so any Crit. would be welcome.


    pencil.. sorry the quality is so bad on the sketch except the last. My scanner is way too small, and it would have been hell to scan all of these WIP and paste them togther.


    I. Painted a texture with tradition acrylic, scanned, then put it as a layer under multipy, top layer. Put that layer on 50% opacity to see drawing underneath, then began eraseing the texture to see the complete drawing.

    II. Finished eraseing, ready to paint.

    III. Putting in colors to see what I want. I already know I want the skirt red so i don't bother at this point.

    IV. I select the background layer and start fooling with the values in image->adjustment->LEVELS.

    V. I add white to her guarder belt and the wife beater shirt(screwed up name, but hey they look cool, lol) light blue for shadows. Added reds, and took away the layer that was her hair because I like the white better. start indicateing shadows on her buttock,

    VI. Add shadows to skirt, gray and brown to bullet holder, rendered goggles, rendered face mask and add green to bullets.

    VII. Add castshadows to skirt , and pattern to guarder and thighhighs, keep in mind all these different steps are on seperate layers.

    VIII. Worked on jacket, adding shadows, and medium tones. Add dark tips to hair, Render guns, boots, pattern on boots.

    IX. Add darker medium tones, realized it was looking washed out and flat, and add burn hole to guarder and thighhighs.

    X. ok so I add accent here and there, like the glimmer on the boots, accent the core shadow aslo. add patches, and dirt on her coat. I aslo darkened her bullet sash and put bright greens on the bullets. At the very end I went to Levels and made the darks a bit darker, and the highlights a bit lighter to push the contrast more, also I added a shadow.

    Well there you go that it my process it can be way more efficient, I am very new to photoshop so if anyone has tricks and faster ways to do things tell me, . hope this helped any newbies.

    painting in progress...still workin on the damn face haven't got it yet, any crits are welcome of course

    ok so it's takeing longer then I thought but here is my process and the head shot for Arkady

    ok so I think I need to work more on the dress and sword maybe, let me know what you think.

    well yet again it is not finished,. I am getting a little sick and tired of working on this, and I'm loseing motivation, but here is yet another process. I just need to tighten up things here and there. I just need to grunt through it.

    The second painting WIP... I've been pretty sick this past week so that is why I haven't posted earlier. crits. are welcome of course,

    working...not done yet but which of these looks best, the first or second.Also imagine a pattern on his skirt, and the first not so contrasty in his chest, maybe even lighter.



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