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    why no drag rotation?

    my only qualm so far about photoshop
    why have they not implemented the rotate canvas by drag like in corel painter?
    did corel trademark it or something? i think it would really help out with drawing straight in the program. I know they have it through free transform but thats too many steps to go through, doesn't have the feel of just flipping around a piece of paper on the fly like in corel painter. I already really like how you can create straight lines by putting down a mark and then hold shift and plop down the other mark to create the lines.
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    If all applications did the same thing, we wouldn't need more than one, now would we?

    Photoshop is NOT a Drawing application, it is a Photo Editing application, which is why drag rotation is not a major concern.

    You could just as easily ask why Painter, which IS a drawing application does not offer a simple default keystroke to establish B&W as the default colors for foreground/background, which in PS is 'D,' or why Painter does not offer a simple keystroke to switch foreground/background (you have to go to the color swatch and click)...

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    I agree, that would be so sweet.

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    I've heard rumors that Photoshop CS3 will implement canvas rotation, just like Painter does. I fervently hope this is the case, because it would make drawing and painting SO MUCH EASIER.

    Madster, what you're saying would make sense if all the programs were released by the same company. From a marketing perspective, that supercompany would want consumers to buy as many different programs as possible. But Painter and Photoshop are from separate companies, so shouldn't they want to include features that make their programs better than the competition?

    Of course, Photoshop and Painter aren't exactly competing programs, because as you said, they have somewhat different purposes.

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