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    pencilling realistically in photoshop

    hi guys, i just got my intuous 3 tablet, and it is wonderful.

    im just a hobbyist/ art enthusiast, and i love this forum.

    anyway, i was wondering if you guys know how to pencil in photoshop like in real life. the regular pencil tool isnt cutting it for me. Its more like a brush with super hard edges.

    i'm having a real tough time shading, and crosshatching with it. any suggestions?


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    there was a similar thread about this a little while ago - you have to really play around with the brush controls to get a good pencil in PS... if you can find that thread...someone described a way

    As for me
    I prefer to use Painter for this - under airbrush, choose fine detail. Some of the options under conte also are good to experiment with.

    And make sure you play with the firmness level in your wacom settings too - I set it to one or two steps below the firmest level. Anything below that is too strong and you dont get that nice subtle diminishing line

    Another one I like alot is the Coit pen under pens which is basically a three-pronged pen, and you can get that traditional pen and ink cross hatching look.
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    thx sorry i didnt see that thread at the botttom.

    i found one website with some pencil custom brushes:

    the download link is somewhere in the middle. I 'm still tryign to get this to work, but the sample demonstrations of it look cool.

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