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    Forest/Stream jobby

    I have had this in the CC forum for a bit but the comments have dried up, so i'm reposting it here =)

    To any mods that read this could you please delete my thread in the CC section? thankyou!

    Forest/Stream jobby

    i'm starting to get sick of looking at it lol, any opinions or crits or whatever extremely appreciated.

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    first of all.. that is pretty sweet.. i like this a lot.. the atmosphere you are giving feels nice...

    the only thing that *possibly* could bother with changing (and really doesnt NEED it) is where the waterfall is.. the pool it creates.. well the walls surrounding it seem a bit flat and stiff and i dont mean colors... i mean the geology of the terrain, its like that pool just sunk down perfectly without any sort of gradient.

    the other thing is perhaps the flowers (which really look great) but the lighting on them feels a slight bit inconsistant.. its hard to officially see you light source since its basically big on ambient light but the way you drew the petals on the flower on the left side (one casting the shadow on the little one) seems to pop out an awful lot at me.. might be cuz i was staring at it for so long tho..

    all the petals seem pretty much the same.. the flowers on the right side have a darkened bit to the ones that closer to the viewer, or rather, getting deeper into the forest (if that makes sense) The one on the right seems a tad out of place for me.... just a tad.. still looks like it fits in there but i think a few petals could be darkened just a bit (i dunno????)

    really what i can say for it may be personal preference.. or moot points.. but if you were thinking changing anything.. those come to mind for me personally

    then again.. I don't always know what I'm talking about

    this is pretty sweet tho... SWEET!

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