This pin-up is for a new comic for the "Dead@17" series called "The Protectorate". (published by Viper Comics)

In order to get the most out of all of you helpful artists I'm going to show a few different examples and try to explain what I'm going for so I can get the most centralized crits possible.

1) The inks (with w & n sceptre brush and microns for straight edge):
Zombie Comic Pin-Up (Sneak Peak)

2) General Colored version:
Zombie Comic Pin-Up (Sneak Peak)

3) Darker, more muted color scheme:
Zombie Comic Pin-Up (Sneak Peak)

4) Darker overlays to emphasize mood, This part is just meant as an example. There would be much more work put into it and alot more highlights / mids pulled out.
Zombie Comic Pin-Up (Sneak Peak)

What I'm going for: What I thought I'd try to do is give it an errie feel and make it seem as if the character to our left (amongst the three non-zombies) had just flicked his lighter to light his cigarette when their eyes confirmed what they heard--zombies surrounding them! Without giving away too much the two guys are zombie hunters, more or less while the chick is the main character and zombies seem to be after her.

Where I want help: Should I make it dark (more like #4) or stick to the feel of #3. I'd still like the lighter to be a source of light either way and perhaps make some moon light coming in the back windows and make the two lights on either side in the back dimly lit also.