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Thread: Madfishmonger's sketchbook

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    Madfishmonger's sketchbook

    Hello! I'm new here, and looking for some help to improve my drawing.

    Just messing around with some watercolour pencils, it's a stuffed giraffe my friend has.

    My hand

    From a photo of my cat Xerxes, done with a friend's fancy markers.

    random studies

    A statue of a frog. Shading not so good.

    My foot.

    A quick sketch of my friend's rabbit. My scanner is crap, I had to darken the image. Her ear is all messed up.

    Since I'm obviously in need of some anatomy work, I started drawing this cat skeleton. I've only just started, and it's been surprisingly hard, but I think I'm getting the feel of it.

    I can't say I'm not a little frustrated by the decline my art has taken, but at the same time, I've rid myself of a lot of bad habits. I spent a lot of time as a mopey goth, drawing other people's comics and not enough time developing my own style, and after that, my sketchbooks gathered dust. Though I am finding this is giving me a chance to start all over and (hopefully) learn it right. So please, some helpful critiques and specific techniques will be greatly appreciated.

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