Sketchbook: d*U*d*d*L*e*B*u*G's DOOdLebOOk

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    d*U*d*d*L*e*B*u*G's DOOdLebOOk

    This is probably a daft idea because i've got too much going on already, but i've been inspired, entertained and sometimes dumbstruck looking through the sketchbooks over the past few days.... so i just had to join in...

    I'm kicking off with a bunch of exisitng stuff just to show where i'm coming from and get the ball rolling... it's a selection of the type of gumpf i've been producing in the last few years.

    old sketch in biro (A3)

    Old games stuff...

    Monkey Girl

    And some other quick-ish gumpf...

    Most of this is done in pencil or biro on paper. I've been working on some very different stuff since i started working at Eurocom last december, and now do a lot of stuff direct into Photoshop (in colour and b&W). I'll post more digital sketches this week. I'm also 'learning' Painter after a few years with Photoshop, so i'll be doing lots of experiments over the next few months which i'll post too!

    And now i'll just have to make sure i update as often as i can! More *new* stuff to come very soon....

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