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    Aliasing in Painter 8.1

    Man this is really getting to me... I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get rid of this pixelation in Painter. Every tool I use has this crappy jagged aliased edge to it.

    My monitor is 1240x1024. I've tried large resolution images like 1500x1500 and 150ppi and it looks the same as when i do a 600x800 image with 72ppi. Photoshop has this feature where if you go into the brush properties you can pick "smoothing" and it applies anti-aliasing to the tool. I've looked and looked and can't find anything similar in Painter. Its most pronounced in things like the Scratchboard tool and the Ball Point Pen and brushes that produce very thin lines...

    Anyone have any ideas at all? Does anyone else have this problem?

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    Also... while I'm at it... does anyone know how to change the default eraser in Painter? I have a custom eraser I made, but every time I close and open the program it goes back to the default crappy eraser.

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    Some of the pixelation you see may be related to the zoom percent at which you're viewing. Take a look when the image is zoomed to 100%.

    Open a new, white Canvas. Restore the Pen's Scratchboard Tool variant to its default state and paint a black brushstroke. Then, if you zoom in to 1600%, you'll see the Pens' Scratchboard Tool variant, in its default state, does paint brushstrokes with anti-aliased edges. Even when the brush size is reduced to 1.5 or 1, you'll still see anti-aliased edges.

    The Pens' Ball Point Pen 1.5, in its default state, does paint with pixelated edges, evident even at 100% zoom. This brush variant uses the Method: Buildup and Subcategory: Grainy Hard Buildup. When a brush variant's Subcategory contains the word Grainy, it means that brush variant interacts with the current Paper texture and that will add to the rough edges.

    Paint a brushstroke with the Pens' Ball Point 1.5 variant in its default state. Then change the variant's Subcategory to Soft Buildup and paint another brushstroke next to the first one. Zoom in close and you'll see the difference between the two brushstrokes. After changing the Subcategory to Soft Buildup, the Ball Point 1.5 variant paints brushstrokes with anti-aliased edges.


    I'll assume you're using the top end of your stylus for erasing. If that's the case, it might be worth a try to do this:

    • First restore the Eraser's Eraser variant to its default state.
    • Then save it as a custom variant using the name "Default Eraser".
    • Delete the original default Eraser's Eraser variant.
    • Choose your custom Eraser and restore it to its default state.
    • Save your custom Eraser using the name "Eraser".
    • Delete your orignal custom Eraser.

    Now Painter (and the top of your stylus) should think your renamed custom Eraser variant is the default Eraser's Eraser variant and when you click with the top of your stylus, you'll really get your custom Eraser variant.

    Let me know if it works, as this or similar questions come up frequently.

    Good luck!

    Please do not PM me with Painter questions. Instead, post them here where everyone can benefit from them. Thanks!

    Jinny Brown
    and The PainterFactory

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