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    so whats everyone's thoughts on this truely unique game?

    i think its damn awesome!! i love it.
    i was thinking of getting it for a while. i came out in the uk in july but i just got it a few days ago. i wasnt sure whether i'd like it or not, there was a lot of mixed reviews for it.
    but i ended up getting it in the end, and i fell in love as soon as i turned my gamecube on. the presentation is second to none i think. it just jumps out at you and slaps you in the face. and you beg for more ^-^
    the story is pretty wacked too, i have almost completed it, i think im about 4-5 hours till the end i think so i still dont know the full story. theres a lot of weirdness i hope to be explained by the end.

    anyway, just wondering whats other peoples expericnes with the game.

    please no spoilers. i havent completed it yet and i dont want it to be ruined.

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    I have the Japanese version of the game, I don't understand one word of it. All I know is that the presentation/style is awesome and transparent ghosts hug me and explode.

    At the beginning where you see the sillouite of Angel with the laser on him, gets shot, then the red words pop up and you hear the screams = awesome
    "BANG! You're dead Max Payne."

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    I turned it on at a friends house the other day and tried to play it... Mayabe im just an impatient turd monger but it really anoyed the shit out of me from the get go... I couldnt figure out what the hell I was supposed to do... How to control what was happening or anything... I just turned it off and kept playing res evil 4(rock!).. But again I am an impatient assed fass cock weisel.

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