hey folks!

yesterday I happened to discover my love for painted film covers/posters when visiting a friend who simply has the biggest collection of trash- and kung fu films from the 70's and 80's I have ever seen...

most of these movies suck, but the cover art most of the time is just marvellous. great trashy film poster paintings with alot of sense for composition, detail and technique (most of them seem to be oil paintings).

when browsing through this collection I found out that alot of these covers were made by an artist who signs his work with "knepper". his artworks can be found mostly on the covers of shaw brothers movies released in germany.

i immediately searched the net for a gallery of his works, but sadly all I found were VERY small scans of the covers themselves.. here are some examples:

now to the point... does anyone of you know a web gallery devoted to painted video cover art such as this or to a source where i can find the works of this "Knepper"-dude?

even his full name would help alot.

thanx in advance