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Thread: New here. Howdy

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    Cool New here. Howdy

    Hello all. My name is Guillermo. I've been drawing since I can remember. I stopped drawing while I was in the Army, but after getting out on a medical, I resumed my old passion with a vengeance. I've been drawing every day since I started school about 6 months after I got out. I'm currently studying computer animation and hope to graduate sometime in '04. Hopefully sooner if things go as planned. I just recently started freelancing on the side as an Illustrator while keeping my part-timer in down town as an office clerk. I mainly work with pencils and inks but I like to dabble in everything I can get my poor little hands on. I've got watercolors which are fun but I hardly use them. I love to draw in Photoshop and just started messing around with a Painter Classic a few days ago. And I do mean few, like two days ago, hehe. My main genre of choice is fantasy but you'll catch me drawing a sci-fi hero/oin every once in awhile. My inspirators are Eastman & Laird, Brom, Frazetta, Da Vinci, Michaelangelo, Escher but really every piece of art I see is inspiring. Those are just my main d00ds. I found this sight by doing a search on google. Oh yeah, Feng Zhu rocks too. I'm a memeber of the Digital Webbing forums which I havent posted in awhile actually and also have an Elfwood gallery. I recommend Elfwood to everyone. It's a great website and a fun place to kill some time. Anyways, thanks for having me.

    PS As soon as I save up some cash I'm going to apply to the Society of Illustrators, Los Angeles Chapter. They have a website but I don't have the link. Just look it up on your favorite search engine. I'm sure it'll come up
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    heh, you are following my plan character
    i'm gonna apply to Society of Illustrators once i'm setup financially and artisticly. their museum is sweet and i DEFINITELY recommend at least to anyone to visit it once.

    sorry didn't repost faster, saw your post on mines, so least i could do is say HOWDY!!!.. hehe

    never heard of the other artists u mentioned but Frazetta, Da Vinci, Michaelangelo, and Zhu are HOT. i personally love Picasso and Van Gogh as well and of course..the infamous Sargent.

    we are in the same boat as for painter, since i'm learning it a few days ago.. heh maybe we could share experiences.

    welcome aboard character, let's have fun

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