Hey everyone,

I am a freelance writer/comedian out of New York, and a lifelong wrestling fan. I signed up on ConceptArt.org because I'd recently found myself writing down ideas for a wrestling game. I then found myself writing up a formal treatment, and looking around to see if I could get a design company interested in it. I've learned pretty quickly the in-house nature of video game companies, but I can't let the idea die...it's turned almost into a quest to create a wrestling game different from all the rest.

Which brings me to this forum - I have a proposal for a game that I would like to put together a demo for (ie: one wrestling match w/ a five to ten minute time limit) to pitch to a major company. I am looking for exceptional game design students who are also passionate about professional wrestling, who would like to show what they can do and have something to show on their resume. The concept is solid; I just need the right minds to help me take it to that next level, and create the best thing to happen to video pro wrestling since the NES classic from 20 years ago!

If there is any help you might be able to provide, or if you (or someone you know) might be interested in getting involved and have a portfolio online - I would be very appreciative...

Thanks Very Much,

Gregory M. Guity
Riverdale, NY