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Thread: Demon of Logick

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    Demon of Logick

    here a paint i did depicting a Demon of Logick --

    i tried keeping it away from traditional demons and add a rather impersonal feel to it. The surrounding is in fact a representation of the Space of Thought, in which the Demon of Logick is trapped, together with his companions Calculus, Dedux, Ordinatus and Modus. (The last two are not in the picture ) These are the incubi of Calculation, Deduction, Order, and Measure.

    I used Painter 9 nd PS CS for the pic.

    Demon of Logick

    Tell me what you think!
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    Makes me think of the Phantom Tollbooth.

    As a crit I have to say everything is a little out of focus, and I'm not quite sure what that lightbulb is doing in place of his face....

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    The edges that should be soft are hard, and the edges that should be hard are soft!

    *Edit* to elaborate:
    Edge basics 101:
    There is a scale of edges, just as there is a scale of values. It goes from sharp>hard>firm>soft>lost. Just as with value, you can use the whole scale in one picture or just a piece of it. The careful manipulation of edges is one of the most overlooked, but most important, tools an artist can use to create form, atmosphere, and believability.

    In general, edges are:
    Harder in the light, softer in the shadow
    Harder in bright light, softer in dim light
    Harder in focused light, softer in diffused light
    Harder in the foreground, softer in the background
    Harder on smooth forms, softer on textured forms
    Harder on hard forms, softer on soft forms (Duh, but really)
    Harder on flat forms, softer on rounded forms
    Harder on thin forms, softer on thick forms
    Harder on still forms, softer on forms in motion
    Harder at the center of interest, softer as you move away

    The above are additive. So a kitten, far away, in the dark, would be really soft.

    Of course, any of these guidelines can be ignored/modified for pictorial effect.
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    Nicely done!

    Like those thick lines of Yours. And the Calculus made me laugh.
    Looks like Your "Logick" is very chaotic though...
    Seen mine sketches..? Just look here: .:locked'lines:.

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    Thanks for the crits all!

    Dang, after the Edge 101 i looked at my image and it doesnt work for me anymore... i will have to redo those edges tomorrow !

    happy to learn!

    Power is nothing without intelligence.


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