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    Here is the latest and I think last painting that I did for Xmen Legends 2...hard to all seems like a long time ago now. Check it out...critique please. Thanks.



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    some things I noticed - not an expert on figures so let me know if Im off

    A: His right forearm looks way too short...and the position of the bicep looks odd...
    B: The face looks a little cut-out ...maybe because its washed out a bit
    C: The head looks like its a bit too back - I know youre trying to give a heroic feel but it looks out of place...Also, should we be seeing a bit more under his jaw?
    D: The yellow things on his suit look too cut out

    Is there any CG here? the body? I cant tell anymore

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    I LIKE IT! seriously, now I have to buy the game who is the new mutant? This just totally slipped under my radar.
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    This is certainly a very striking image and the relationship between the guy and the sentinal is enormously visually satisfying, but I cannot keep my eye from zooming directly to the nuclear-powered athletic cup. The crotch is incorrectly shaped and seems more "pokey" than "hangy". I'm also hoping those three golden arrow things are for game option selections, because they don't seem part of the costume at all.

    Very beautiful piece!

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    It distresses me that this is what jumped out of this pic to me, but yeah...pokey crotch. I'm not sure that I am fond of the illuminated white outline on his head. It is making his head look like it is a carboard cut out placed in from of the background image.

    Otherwise, this piece is very nice.
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