I just picked it up a few days ago (it was released on the 6th) and I was absolutely blown away. Its BtBAM's third release, and its better than the past two combined. Each and every track is so different from everything else they've done, while still retaining that BtBAM sound. All of the band has completely refined their style and performance. Tommy has done much work on his grunting, which is real nice and low this time around, and he adds alot more clean vocals, which are a nice touch. He also puts in alot more keyboard/synth work, especially visible on the guitar/synth duet in Selkies: The Endless Obsession. Lead guitarist Paul Waggoner shines through on this CD. His guitar wizardry went unnoticed in the past two cds, as he was usually drowned out by Dusty Waring's sweeps and fret athletics (albeit amazing, but they still pushed waggoner off the center stage). This time, Waggoner left me pretty much speachless. Blake's drumming has also gotten much faster and cleaner, and drives the music to a whole new frenzy. Dan Briggs seems to be taking after waggoner, as he keeps up with the lead guitarist perfectly, despite the fact he's on a bass.

I really dont know what else to say, besides the fact this CD is one of the top releases of 05. If you're even remotely interested in modern music, your existance depends on you getting ahold of this album. Has anyone else gotten it yet, or even heard some off of it? I wanna know what your reactions are.

EDIT- two tracks off the new album (Selkies and Alaska) can be found on their myspace right over here.