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    Hey Joan Pau, you're right, the anatomy on the last cow could (should) have been thought out more before jumping into the rendering. I'll try to plan muscular structures instead of just simple shapes beneath external things like hair from now on. Thank you for the crit and the comments, keep posting in your sketchbook!

    Allright, I have slacked too damn much! I was supposed to keep this updated more frequently. God damn. Allright, I've been doing some new things and here are some, I realize I need to study much more and in shorter time spans. I'm very disperse... I try to do everything at once and if I study only a certain subject after a while I get bored and want to do something else. Well, if thats the way its going to be, then the least I can do is start doing more. And faster. Lets see if I can keep up.

    A shoe sketch. I like where the rendering is going, even if its unfinished. Lines are too sketchy. Need to focus more on that.

    Trying out some lighting things

    sketching lines from life. The lines still look sketchy.

    A charachter, snail warrior type dude. Not quite finished yet. Since he's a snail you would think he moves really slowly, which he does, though I think this design problem can be solved if the guy tucks himself within the shell and rolls around really fast, or something like that. Maybe I'll try to do some sketches of that.

    Girl charachter wip

    I had to do this fast, I was waiting for the bus

    On the bus

    From the street. I notice serious perspective problems now that I didn't quite see before, though I knew there was something off with the perspective.

    Inside a building, everything is unfinished because we were on the move. Its still quite dificult to sketch fast and still nail down the proportions/perspective correctly. Thats one thing to really focus on now that I think about it, nailing the proportions/perspective the best I can as fast as I can at the same time.

    Street again.

    Street thumbnails. The errors, mainly perspective/proportion are evident even in the thumbs. More reason to practice what I mentioned before:

    cathedral from the street


    Trying to organize daily objects into a composition and paint it, just started with the base colors, wip

    Just letting loose, some chaos. It would be cool to do this kind of thing with a really incorporated knowledge of proportions/anatomy/lighting/perspective etc etc

    Character wip

    the line sketch for this weeks cow, I'm not really convinced by it... but I can't really say what it is that I dont like about it. If you have any crits on this (and anything other for that matter), please share them with me.

    and this weeks cow painted. Again, I dont like it, but dont know really why... I suspect there is problems with the lighting and color choices, crits would be greatly appreciated.

    some characther thumnails

    Focusing on daily objects and on the lines, making them less sketchy and more defined. For this, I started using a blue pencil today, for the sketch, and then using a 2B or a 3B pencil to mark the lines that I like. The blue hardly shows up when scanned so I can be more sketchy/messy with that, and do the clean lines with the 3B


    Allright. I think I'm starting to focus in a study direction (I think, and hope). Your crits are appreciated greatly.

    Until next update.

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