Okay, this will be a place were I place wips of pictures. Now, I don't mind some critiqueing, but, please be aware, that sometimes I have worked a bit too far to fix it, or the medium I am drawing in is not easily correct. (ie. pen and ink) Thanks very much. Take care.

This is a more realistic sketch of my chracter Lune. I have been working on it recently, and have fixed some of the mistakes you can see here. I just would like to have you guys see what I am working on right now. ^^

Lune in my normal style of drawing wich is of course Anime, though a bit more realistic than most. ((It was forced upon me by an art teacher... >.<)) It's just from a large unfinished sketch of he and his two brothers. I love the way it turned out though... ^^

I will upload more later.^^