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Thread: my hopes are dashed..

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    Unhappy my hopes are dashed..

    just had a university information session at school and discovered some things i hadnt known that would have influenced my whole year of study..

    basically im failing pure maths (6 out of 20), never was a maths person, thought i could do it but quite obviously i bit off more than i could chew. anyhow, im getting enough that ill complete my required subject pattern - at least 4 HESS general subjects and only one HESS restricted - jargon, but you get the idea. im scoring very well in the remainder of my subjects (ranging from 16-19's out of 20's, but averaging 17s) and would easily achieve the TER (tertiary entrance rank) that i need for the course (graphic design and illustration), but if i dont get a minimum score of 10 out of 20 for at least 4 HESS general subjects, then i cant apply for uni at all. my portfolio will mean jack if i cant drag that grade up.

    i have an end of year exam for maths, which will be weighted at 50 percent of my total grade. if i dont make good in that, then ive got the option of A) staying back home for a whole other year, stacking shelves and doing one make up subject at school, B) applying to a lesser course at a nameless TAFE, or C) being a homeless bum. C is looking like a winner at the moment. not happy at all.

    *sulks in corner*

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    Your Australian education system sounds more like an rpg complete with 1d20's, damage modifiers, and the sort. Regardless, that sucks. I'm a math dork so while I personally don't follow, you sound like my younger brother. So, I'll tell you what worked for him. Get yourself a tutor or two. Sometimes teachers and books can't step out of their own world enough to help you understand theirs. That's why a tutor is helpful because they usually are a little more skilled in reaching people that don't understand in the orthodox manner. On a positive note, the fact you're not so great at math probably means you will be an excellent artist.

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    got a tutor. hes great and all, i just cant keep the numbers down. they flow in one ear and out the other. meh.

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    You don't have to go to university you know, I'm not! and look at me now!!
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    looks like you need more time studying then and much less posting in the lounge and checking back to see if you got a response.

    sometimes you have to do difficult things. be a man and do it until its done right. move on. move forward. get it over with.

    I will help you out....thread closed.


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