DSG 861: Sci-Fi/Fantasy Creature: MAN HAS INSECT-LIKE MANDIBLES FOR MOUTH - Page 2

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    Feb 2004
    haha oregano, thats prime!

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    Pretty tired tonight.
    Cool stuff, people. I'll have to comment tomorrow.

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    Man, everyone pulled out all the stops on this one.
    Too many to comment on all, but here’s a few:

    Simmi: Very cool. He kinda reminds me of Modok.
    Calader: I like it. I like it a lot.
    Dreckster: Nothing wrong with comic style if it looks that good.
    Justin W: Nice character development. Gotta love a well dressed bugman.
    Treehugger: Wild concept. Kinda like “What if Don Quixote evolved from insects”.
    William b. Hand: Sheesh! Is that the best you can do?

    Good job everybody!

    "We are all dead men on leave." Eugene Levine
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    The proportions, the shape of the head and pretty much everything else is FUBAR, but I'm still pretty satisfied since I've never before been able to paint a face with a skintone that actually resembles human skin to some degree.

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    A lot of "ugly" stuff going on! the hairy stuff is naaasty!!
    Good work!

    William b. Hand: wow you shade/render like a king!
    Oregano: That`s predator! nice, feel sorry for the guy thoug!
    Books: cool linework, the colour part looks "fast" but nice!
    goran: looks like some guy from darkcity!
    Eriboss: Corpse bride... "man im seeing many movie resembling concepts today." Very cool!

    CrazyHarij: Nice!you should try with some more saturation(stronger color/hue) in the dark parts of the skin tone,since skin has less saturated higlights and more saturated shadows.
    Read this somewhere, and i belive its true!

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    DSG evolving nicely!

    Ah, good stuff, Will! Love to see how you paint guys.
    Gotta come back to the DSG sometime myself, those topics just rock too hard :-)


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