need help w/ figure painting

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    need help w/ figure painting

    hey guys, whats up? Ok, so I'm doing this painting on 30 x 40 canvas in acrylic. Here's a digital prelim sketch:

    OK, so what I want is for the linear drawing style of the figure to be visable, but i want color filling it, I'm thinking Cad Red Light, but i don't really know. any other critiques would be absolutely great, I'm open to any and all suggestions

    ok, so uh, yeah, wanted to make a april fool's joke but i forgot, so later, yo


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    I really like what you have so far, in a gestural fine art way it allready looks finished, but i would sugest clearing up some grey areas such as the face, I dont know what direction it is facing, I wouold sugest you have something like a prifile, it will add to the power of the silioute. also I would like to see you emphasis the ribcage and conetcting sartorious musscles to emphasis the strain and emotion you character conveys. if you continue to paint it try uping wash layers to preserve the energy of the drawing

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    yeai was thinking it similar with the ribcage muscle.

    so far it looks good.

    cant wait to see the finished!

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    Man, I don't know why, but I suck at gesture drawing. I guess I'm too anal to scribble out like that.

    I like that pose a lot. Good job.

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