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Thread: best scanner?

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    best scanner?

    I need a good scanner, with good image quality for pencils, anyone out there to help me?

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    I'm sure that Canon offers the latest, most affordable scanners on the market right now. I bought one about four years ago, and it still does the trick. Buy one and you'll never have to upgrade again.
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    Depends on the budget and quality you want, I'm ordering the MicroTek Scnamaker i900 - probably the one best price-quality ratio for flatbeds.


    best scanner?

    High-productivity professional imaging with exclusive photo reconstruction and restoration capabilities

    Designed for graphic artists, photographers and publishing professionals who require greater productivit, the ScanMaker i900 includes tools that streamline the image editing workflow to yield higher productivity. This Dual-Media reflective and multi-format film scanner is the first professional scanner to integrate the exclusive DIGITAL ICE Photo Print Technology, which dramatically decreases the time to reconstruct surface-damaged prints. Microtek`s new PictuRescue system incorporates DIGITAL ICE and ColoRescue, delivering the first-ever combined photo reconstruction and restoration solution. With the ScanMaker i900, graphic designers, professional photographers and print publishers can reconstruct photos with cracks, tears, creases and scratches often at least ten times faster than manual photo reconstruction techniques, depending on the extent of damage. Another Microtek-differentiated technology is ColoRescue, an automatic color recovery and control feature for faded, dull prints and film. These technologies combine to offer a powerful, automatic photo reconstruction and restoration solution for faster turnaround and improved workflow efficiency.


    Costs about $2000 though, not sure if you want to spend that much or more.

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    Best bet would be to do tons of research and comparison. Though that'd mean lots of hours spent googling.

    I'd like to recommend the Canon 4200F or (better) 8400F. They're not cheap, but I've heard tons of good stuff about these two, both from photographers and artists alike. I own the 8400 and I'm still amazed at the quality it can offer. A worth investment, imo.

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    I miss my old HP scanner. Now I'm using the canon LIDE35. The worst scanner in the world. The lighting issues are bizarre. Anything I scan is a circle gradient. So lately, anything that I've absolutely needed to be scanned properly I had to take to staples to get scanned
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