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    What did you'r mom or dad make you take or do when you are sick?

    Ok I have been sick for like 2 days now. And I love my mom , but when iam sick she just scares the hell out of me. She trys to make me take the most wierdest things. Like put cotton balls with Vicks VapoRub in my ears if iam geting realy sick. (Belive it or not but puting that in my ears when iam have a hard time hearing realy does work.) Or if I have a fever she makes me have some Hot soup.(That also works)And this is what my dad trys to make me take when I have a sore throat . He trys to make me take shots of Tequila. But I always run away from that. So does anyone else's parents have something like this for you when you get sick. Or is it just my parents.

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    one time when my stomach was upset my dad gave me a big cup full of water, poured a ton of salt in it, took me to the bathroom, and made me drink. Instant cure! I threw up everywhere.

    I had a friend who gave me a tea/honey/whiskey mix when I had the flu. Supposed to clear up sinuses and heat you up so your body doesn't have to, I guess. Crazy stuff...
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    My mom was a little "overly concerned" about my health as a kid.

    If she found out that a kid at school had a stomach flu, she would spray ME down with lysol as soon as I got home. I swear that stuff has done nasty sh*t to my brain...

    When I was actually sick, she'd wear those white respirator masks that you wore when you were like, sanding wood or something. Cuz that would somehow keep the germs away... yeah.


    She did make really good chicken soup though...

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