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Thread: Sve's Book (April 03 2008, Baroque, digitals, life studies)

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    hi sve! how are you doing?

    it's been a while since we've seen life drawings from you. how come? I like the update, once again really expressive, especcialy like the one you also posted in finally finished. Two portraits look good to. Think the one with mixed media looks better, hair seems to be more correct in this one. All with all, once again a great update! I thank you
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    Tensai, you asked me to show some steps, well that's what I have for you. Not much, sorry for that. ask more if you want to hear from me.

    Fabric on the "Madame de Pompadour"" dress, I'm adding details in different layers.
    two images

    Adding details: black BG is the separate layer too three images

    The details:

    I hope I gave you something, not sure though.
    see you.
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    nice update.......The portraits rock....looking like asian women.......Lovly
    and the painting of bukharo amir id nice....the silk cloth looks cool........
    the life drawings look good ....but the last one's looking too flat to me.........

    I'm becoming a fan of christina........
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    Hi Sveta!

    You ve got a really gorgeous sketchbook here, really nice variety, lots of studies and experiments and a pleasure to view. Whats more, awesome stuff from your daughter, I love what kids can come up with!

    I am totaly inspired by your digital studies, wonderful textural look and sweet colours.

    Very nice sletchbook! I ll visit more often

    Cheers and have fun + post more!


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    Heya sweet friend ! I'm very glad to see new pics from you !
    The studies are cool and you know what I think of your "Bukhara Emir", simply gorgeous. I was thinking about a little more contrast in it, but when I saw the ref I realise how clear it was, so that crit is not very helpfull, I think ! It's very hard for me to made a crit on your stuff, I like it ! Simple as that ! Haaa, Madame de Pompadour ! No mistake this time ! My tiny French heart will be safe ! Hahahaha !

    @ Christie: Nice stuff with the watercolor ! The little Kitty is very cute ! About George Washington, no crit at all ! Keep posting, Christie !

    Cheers, Sveta & Christie !
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    Hiya Sve, these are amazing digital studies.The Madame de Pompadour painting is looking great; immense amount of detail in it - Im def going to have to look up the original now. Also the foreshorteinging in your latest figures is looking really good.
    I'll keep coming back to your sb, its great having you on the boards.

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    Sveta, such beautiful art you make! i went through your entire sketchbook and was often enthralled, your figures and faces are so interesting. i must say that although there are many comments about anatomy & such i rarely found that to be an issue -- i think perhaps you are more concerned with making art than making a recording of a scene, if you understand my meaning, and you succeed very well in that. the latest quick figure studies and portraits are very much like that, i see boldness and confidence and as much concern with what's happening with your marks on paper as with capturing a likeness or a pose. this makes them very fresh and spontaneous for me, as if i was there at the moment they were made. that is rare and valuable.

    M. Pompadour is technically amazing, but for me she has less life than your sketches and faces, and so too with the Bukhara Emir. the Emir shows strong virtuosity in strokes, and edge control, and use of pallette, but i see little more than what was likely in the photo in terms of the man, or in terms of the artist. i think you put more of yourself into your life drawings and portraits.

    technically, i also see in the Emir a certain flatness, a lack of volume to the forms, that may come from the photo ref -- it is easier to overlook such aspects of a photo because we think of photos as "recording reality," which is far from true, but sometimes photo-ref'd paintings can echo these photographic distortions and they are more visible in paintings. you have, i think, captured well in your Emir's face most if not all of the man's character likely evident in the photo -- it is a very strong and human face i see.

    so, Sve, you asked me to be more thorough, and i have, and i must say i like your work very much, it is almost all very easy to approach on a personal level, and speaks to me as much of you as of the subjects. it is fun listening to them speak
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    Simply lovely work, yet again. The two portraits scream with life, particularly the mixed media one. There is a great feeling of the artist's hand in them, which I think sometimes is lacking in your paintings. Bukhara Emir is lovely in your handling of it, the color, the patterning, but I feel it lacks the same life as your charcoals. Perhaps because you are moving closer to a visual "reality", and yet are not quite showing life? The light on the hands, for example, looks to be from different light sources, and there is not enough definition of the forms in the shadows/highlights.

    I look forward to more updates from you and Christina. I can't wait until my son and I can draw together!!
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    Howdy, sve! Awesome update as usual. There are many things that deserve praise, so let me start off with the green madame in your freshest update. The detail boasts of the richness of the whole image, it is fast becoming a masterpiece. I admire your ability to retouch your older works and enhance it more, so that it reaches its full potential. Hope to see more on this. The painting of Bukhara Emir reminds of the style in which you did the Kurdish woman (somehow I missed this old lady in my last visit). I agree with crazy3dman in that it is a good balance of tight and loose, which gives it your distinctive style. Between the two, I think the Kurdish lady shines more, perhaps because red has bigger impact maybe? Other than the color though, I think the Kurdish lady is more dynamic and has more loosness in the strokes. What can I say about the figure drawings, it's got the Sve stamp of bad-assness. Love the lines, so fluid, seemingly just gliding it's way effortlessly across the paper accidentally forming the curves of a woman. The more rendered drawing of the reclined woman captures that free spirit as well. Sweet! Hope to see more, ja.
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    Your gesture figure drawings are again very well done. I love the confidence that the lines are put down with. Keep doing these I can't get enough of looking at that stuff.

    the Painting of the man sitting just pops from the screen. The contrast between his robes and the wall comes out very nicely. His face is so somber and his manner is threatening but the robes give him a nice touch of softness. love the little quote on the side. He does look like he needs some love.

    Just searched for images and saw the photo you are working from. If you go back to this Try and get some more of that rich blue into the robes.

    Beautiful work as always Sveta. Those last few details from the lady in green are very helpful in understanding how you work digitally. Thanks for that.
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    oh just beautiful. the paintings are great specially (is that george washington) oh yeah it is i didn't read the title haha. tell christie she has fans. the figures are lovely and the portrait's are soo pretty. my suggestion is to study lips a bit, usually the top edge of the upper lip has a lot of light on itso use value to suggest it not line. and i don't know if it's just your style, but when you work digitally try to keep you brush size as large as possible for as long as you can. there seems to be a uniform type of thing with your digitals where you have left gaps of uncolored space because of a small brush. but your paintings are wonderful still. bye bye.

    (sorry no frech today).
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    Hey Sveta!
    Good to see some new art from you
    I love all the updates; The studies show your flowing loosy style, very expressive lines and poses. You do lifestudies from photos or real models?
    The emir guy is great, your painting skills grow up very very fast, I think in some weeks you paintings will look like photos
    I can see your typical painting style in the picture, thats a very good thing I think, it's a kind of signature like all the great masters have.
    I also like the portraits, especially the first one. I don't know really whats wrong with the second, maybe nothing but something disturbs me but maybe it's just because the first girl looks so hot
    And tell Christie that I enjoyed her pictures very much Did she draw everything on her own? The George Washington is fun and the watercolor piece is very expressive, one day she'll go far!

    Good to see some process pictures from you, it's interesting how you create all the details.
    Hope to see more from you and your daughter, soon
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    sve - first of all, nice update! love the two figure sketches at the top the most. their line is nice and 'alive' and theyre great gestures.
    about the emir - i have to say im missing something. in general the image has a quite similar value which makes it a bit bland right now. i can already sense the quality of his shiny clothes but i think some additional lighting effects would do it good. some darker shadows but especially some bright reflections might help make it less flat.

    second - thanks so much for showing some of the details/layers of your previous painting. i love the colours and the lighting and your brushwork in those. its just nice to see a drawings layers or steps sometimes, just to see what came first, what was added later, etc. again, thanks for posting these.

    oh and third - i dont have kids yet, but i cant wait to draw together! im really not trying to be kind or flattering, and maybe its just a state of mind thats being surprised by these, but when i see these i just sit and smile for a while. so please tell christie that i enjoy her drawings a lot.

    thanks for sharing!

    check the Tensai Tokyo Sketch Thread (Sketchbook)

    check the Tensai Cityscapes Thread (Finally Finished)

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