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    Hello, dear friends.

    Hey, Haldor , thanks about noticing the excess of orange. I will be watching it. Although when I started to paint I noticed not enough hues for me to work with, need to generate custom colors. But the goal was to get used to digital painting. First impression was disappointment, then mixed, now I see good sides of it. Why so impatient, eat more vitamins, less pills.

    Hello, timpaatkins . thank you and of course I will be doing what I''m doing for the most of my life. Old habits die hard.

    Hello, Scott . I'm always feel great hearing from you. Wish you update more.
    Thank you and of course a lot of question arose, about what to use instead of grey hue. Brown, blue, red? internet is a wonderful invention, but it takes too long to wait for the answers . Oh, and yeah, Christie, my baby, she is my warrior girl. I had some very interesting discussions with teachers in school, like after her sitting on the chest of the defeated other student when he tried to be first in line.

    Hey, Julien , thank you so much, please tell me every wrong thing since I'm in the unknown me territory. I need a good advice. Just saw you new post, thank you, very nice of you. I thought you are already celebrating Christmas in the nice quiet place near your parents, hope you are better and sleep a lot. Wish you the best.

    Hey, Min, buddy . Thanks. I'm starting to like wacom, it has some nice qualities. But still not that comfortable. I draw in a very strange pose, with a wacom on my knees and my legs higher than everything else and I need a special angle for a free movement of my hand. But I think I like it. One liners are pen made, traditional. I used your advice and drew sketches for colored paintings digitally too. And that's the nice qualities I'm talking about.

    Hello, ZebzFree , thank you and nice to meet you. Finished work. Sounds like inscription on the tombstone. How people can tell it's finished, it will be different for different person? Thank you, I'll try my best.

    Hey, B-man . you are back! let see new adventures of partly my bear and actually I want to see the new cartoons with this funny guy who wants to drink all kind of drinks. He already got my sympathy . Thank you so much, this little girl is a chatter box. if she is sad, then not for long.

    Hello, blacky . I look at your book and I think you are a great awesome artist. Beautiful paintings and drawings you did, I was totally smitten with your art, wrote you 30 min reply and lost it. Will write again. About those dark periods in artist life, oh, they are really terrible, I'm still not sure if they are really needed, but I tend to think so. They are an important part of moving forward, well moving at all, in any direction, there is no such thing in art as moving forward, I think. Many artists were ahead of their time, not understood. There is an opinion that artist doesn't need suffering and complicated condition to create new beautiful art, but who knows. To understand emotion and to depict it you need to go through it. Picasso, oh yeah, he was an energetic vampire. But an artistic talent and the person it lives in are two different and often opposite entities. Really, it's true. Thank you for the comment and for your beautiful art.

    Hello, Bruce, , thanks a lot, blue is my most favorite color. But I'm OK. Stylised hair, hahahahahahah, nah, they are just clean . I would love to see what you do with digital panting, really can't imagine, your work is so traditional in the best of its meaning. OK. I'll wait to see

    Hey, blacky , you are practically my co-writer , I'm glad. Let's combine threads, you and me, what are great idea, let's combine art. Wow, could you imagine this? Thank you so much for comment about skin tones, i wish i knew hoe you guys see it. I'm really not sure how to correct it, So I will visit your threads to get it from your art.

    Hello, taxman , Thank you so much, very, very kind of you. I'm so glad, if you need bigger image or bigger resolution, just tell me. I will happy to give it. Yeah, I guess, I did something really wrong with skin tones, so glad you're telling me this. I don't see it myself. So. you mean sharper separation for planes? BTW. If, and this is a big if, I did something with fellah, he sure did something with me, I'm a different person after talking and observing his and many other artists work, a little bit more open minded, I hope. Thank you again, you are so kind to me.

    Hey, bengonzalez . thank you for coming back and for encouragement. and special thanks for crits. You are right, too many unnecessary lines. I will remember it, thanks a lot.

    Hello, Idiot Apathy . your name always makes me think hard what it means. I'll ask you one day. Come on, tell me your thoughts , I love listen hard crits, makes me feel special . Thank you so much. I want to join your Peer project and i will, I need it badly.

    Hello, dear van . Happy to see you! I don't know what to say, I promised you I'll try my best to like my work, so it means I need to believe you are talking about me. Thank you so much. It's unbelievably pleasant. Hope you will explain me one day what you see in it. But I'm very grateful and touched. And I always like to see you on forum.


    A study from very old master .


    Figure studies

    1-2min; 10min,15mkn,20min,30min,40min

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    Nice update, Sveta! those 1-2 min are really starting to look confident!

    I would however like to see you try something different when it comes to the coloring, and shading. It doesnt really seem like your heart is in it, but something that was added on without really wanting to be there? Because you have very strong contour, the soft rub shading feels a bit out of place. I say either lay down softer conts, or get down and dirty with the shading, really get in there and give it some elbowgrease!

    Might I also suggest trying some neutral colored (brown, yellow, ocra, rgey)paper, and white and dark/prismas pencils? Using that is really fun, as it is very easy to make stuff "pop out"!

    Cheers Tim
    [url=[/url] This would be my gallery in Sweden

    This would be my Pleine Air blog

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    once again they are all full of life. It shows through that you've done them from life, and I think that is a good thing. The update is great, some minor anatomical flaws but that does not make them less good

    ok.. you wanted a dish from holland because I myself am to slow when it comes down to taking pictures , so here it is ;

    Dutch pea soup (erwtensoep)

    2 cups split green peas, 3 qt. cold watter, 1 pig’s trotter, 1 pig’s ear, 1 cup bacon squares, 4 Frankfurters, 1 lb. Potatoes, 4 tbsp. salt, 1 celerac, 1 bunch celery-green, 2 leeks, 2 onions, salt.
    Wash the peas, soak for 12 hours (unless you use quick cooking peas) and boil gently in the water. Cook in this liquid the trotter and add the ear and the bacon for one hour. Add the sliced potatoes, salt diced celeriac, cut up leeks and celery leaves and cook untill everything is done and the soup soup is smooth and thick. Add the Frankfurters for the last 10 minutes. The longer the soup simmers the better the taste. Three hours is the usual time in Holland. The soup gets so thick when it cools so that it can be cut the next day. The next day the soup tasts even better. That is why it is made in such big quantities.

    so.. the first post on ca which tells you how to make erwtensoep, may it be of great use to every ones drawing skill.....

    edit; sry for the really bad english :p

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    Oh, Haldor, that's so sweet of you, Thank you so much. We have similar dish in Russian cuisine, sort of a jellied meat, but it's not as rich as in Holland, much less ingredients. Cool! I'll try your version. I'm very grateful. Do you prepare it at home? On holidays? In Russia it's not every day dish. Thank you so much, You are not off the hook though. You promise pictures, I'm wa-a-a-a-a-a-aiting.

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    Sve, .....fist thing I noticed when seeing last update-...Oh, my, that's LOTS of text right there. If there was an award for most contributive Member of CA, it should be you to be awarded one. You've got like a quota of over 7 posts a day!
    And most of them aren't simple, asspat n' "nosetip is off" posts. I wish more people would take an example from you. (Although even I, don't get around reading all of it...
    Thanks for having had a look at my sb, I also assume that it was you who send bumshkee a link of it, thanks a lot.
    So, you are proposing to combine our threads?.....Great idea, but I'm not that much of an tech-expert to know how this might work (although I work at an Internett-cafe ) Perhaps if I joined your scetchsupport group or something... I am definately flatered by that proposition though .
    To come back to your last update, everithing looks great as usual, but I'm not sure what the colour at the leg of the 30min-one, is supposed to do.
    Where you speaking of cholodez when saying there was something similar to Haldors "Erbsensuppe"? (Very funny idea of the two of you byth.way) This would be called "Eisbein" in German, should sound similar in Dutch.
    Well, I've got to keep going...
    So long...

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    I've been having a problem as of late getting the motion of a figure down in the 1-3 minute range, but you don't seem to be having that trouble at all. I see you capturing that motion very well. I really like the 10 minute poses, they are done very nicely, I must say. The unfinished figure in the 30 minute one says more to me than the one in the foreground. I don't really know why, maybe because she is raw in her unfinished state. I still see the rubberiness in the legs from the knee down in a lot of your figures. Is this your movement, your style?

    You once told me that my models here in Detroit are all mean looking, well, I have to say that your Dallas models are much better looking, ha,ha.

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    sve. Thank you very much from your detailed post. That means quite alot, because I have alot of respect for you and your work.

    I just had a look through your sketchbook again. And I'm very inspired. And I'm seeing alot of the things I should be doing. The figure studies and life drawing. You figure sketches are a blast to look at. Good luck with your art in the future, I'll be following your work!!!

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    sve, again i really like the style of your etch like sketches here.

    was surprised to hear these werent digital. i guess because of the contrast. the blacks are so black, there is no gray - just pure black and pure white. do you do this with ink? im curious how you would do a dramatic lighted still life in this technique. would be wonderful i think.

    i checked my rembrandt books again and in the end they are really different. but if your curious i found some online the other day:

    i have these books:
    The Complete Etchings of Rembrandt
    Drawings of Rembrandt, Vol. 1
    both really nice.

    i would love to see a more finished piece by you as well. you got a beautiful scratchy style with lots of blacks that shows form and light quite dramatically.

    looking forward to more sve.

    edit: link doesnt seem to work. here is something else:

    have fun
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    check the Tensai Tokyo Sketch Thread (Sketchbook)

    check the Tensai Cityscapes Thread (Finally Finished)

    Quote Originally Posted by strych9ine
    Fuck backgrounds, who needs em.

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    I really like the gestural studies of images like 10min.jpg and 2min.jpg.
    Very rythmic and energetic lines. I also notice you are not "srcatchy" with your lines, instead you define each line, but in a loose way. That is confident and shows good understanding of figure.

    The only crit I can think of is that the way you render values with pencil is generally rather soft, but in the ink study of Copy.jpg the values dont have that soft quality because they are done with lines.

    I guess the crit is that it would be interesting to see a kind of point in between. Maybe making a less soft value treatment with graphite but not as bold and linear as with the ink. Maybe break up the figures into different planes and establishing values for each plane, and then softening up the edges of the planes somewhat. Enough so it doesn't look too "blocky", but not as much as to loose that harder quality.

    I hope I could get my point across

    I really like your sketchbook.

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    You can stop worrying about me now. ha. I do exist. I have just been busy. Any way, quick glance through, you are imporoving. Your pen work makes me want to bow down. No time to anylize for crits. I have to go.


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    Ho ho ho!
    Hello sve, I'm always happy about your comments!

    You have some very nice updates, the 1-2min. studies are great, very good flow. I like the 15 min. study more than the 3o min. one, they are both good but I think in the 15min. version you catched the figure a bit better.

    Merry Crhistmas and a Happy new year!

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    Hey, Sve.. I see youve been keeping busy.. thats a great thing... And your forms are shaping up nicely.... Those life drawings will help you immensely and in a matter of time your going to start seeing a radical change in your work... And its started.. huge radical change... in any event... just wanted to tell you that keep on going.. you have the drive and the momentum right now... Ride that bad boy....! There is one tip that i can give you... When your drawing these life poses... it seems like your using charcol.... hold the charcol as softly as possibly... of if its a long piece hold it at the end... so that you dont have as much control over it then you normally would... this will help keep your drawings light and very loose.... When your sketching these... try and move quickly with these soft lines... then with your last minute and half put in the masses... again lightly and with your last 30- 20 seconds. quickly line in your outline.. Remember that the whole fom doesnt need to be outlined.. just the important parts.. in any event.... things are looking very good... congrats... and have a nice holiday if you dont get to chat..
    Mainloop- man i must be dyslexic.. cuz i thought you asked how many people are on lsd


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    Hi, Sveta ! First I wanna thank you for guiding Bumskee to my sketchbook ! Don't denied, Min told me it via PM-Ha ! Ha ! Ha ! So, thank you for that !

    [QUOTE Thank you so much, please tell me every wrong thing since I'm in the unknown me territory. I need a good advice. [/QUOTE]

    I'm not sure to really understand your request... Sorry ! A few days without posting in CA and it looks like I lost my english ! It's the "unknown me territory" that I can't understand ! Do you want an advice about your stuff ? In a general way, the only thing I can tell you is pay more attention to proportions (the head of of the last girl drawing, for exemple). But in a general way, it's very good. The stance are superb and you always got this energic lines. Well done !

    [I hope that I understood you correctly... I need to work my english, really !]

    Merry X-mass dear Sveta !
    P.S: And don't worry, I rest a loOot ! And my poor computer too !
    See ya soon !
    Julien ALDAY

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    Sve, your ink pen (?) faces are very solid and self confident. I mean the ones in #192, 191, 207 for example. Just sometimes it looks like the nose or something is just a little bit off, but it doesn´t ruin the whole.
    What´s cool is that they don´t have any underdrawing... going right for the inks.

    You like to smudge, don´t you? You could be just like me, ´cause I´m too lazy to sit down 2 hours and draw tons of lines.

    Unfortunatelly I gotta leave now, but I´ll check out your sketchbook again soon.

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    Hi sve, great update as usual. About the digital piece of the girl: Yes, I meant sharper separation of planes, it´s a bit too smooth I guess. Not much, just a bit.
    So, you and fellah, huh?
    Anyway, your last update: Your master study is pretty good, who drew the original? *hides because he does not know*
    Your 2 minute gesture drawings are also very strong, not sure about the 10 minute drawings though. The waist area reads like she´s wearing a corset to me. Take a look at the right leg of the 20 min piece: It´s much longer than her left one. That all being said, your work still amazes me. You are able to breathe life in every stroke, something that is much more important than if a leg is too long or too short, imho. I love the last two pieces, wonderful.

    So, merry christmas, keep up the good work. And I want pea soup too.

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