Sketchbook: Sve's Book (April 03 2008, Baroque, digitals, life studies)
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Thread: Sve's Book (April 03 2008, Baroque, digitals, life studies)

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    Hello, dear friends.

    Hey, Haldor , thanks about noticing the excess of orange. I will be watching it. Although when I started to paint I noticed not enough hues for me to work with, need to generate custom colors. But the goal was to get used to digital painting. First impression was disappointment, then mixed, now I see good sides of it. Why so impatient, eat more vitamins, less pills.

    Hello, timpaatkins . thank you and of course I will be doing what I''m doing for the most of my life. Old habits die hard.

    Hello, Scott . I'm always feel great hearing from you. Wish you update more.
    Thank you and of course a lot of question arose, about what to use instead of grey hue. Brown, blue, red? internet is a wonderful invention, but it takes too long to wait for the answers . Oh, and yeah, Christie, my baby, she is my warrior girl. I had some very interesting discussions with teachers in school, like after her sitting on the chest of the defeated other student when he tried to be first in line.

    Hey, Julien , thank you so much, please tell me every wrong thing since I'm in the unknown me territory. I need a good advice. Just saw you new post, thank you, very nice of you. I thought you are already celebrating Christmas in the nice quiet place near your parents, hope you are better and sleep a lot. Wish you the best.

    Hey, Min, buddy . Thanks. I'm starting to like wacom, it has some nice qualities. But still not that comfortable. I draw in a very strange pose, with a wacom on my knees and my legs higher than everything else and I need a special angle for a free movement of my hand. But I think I like it. One liners are pen made, traditional. I used your advice and drew sketches for colored paintings digitally too. And that's the nice qualities I'm talking about.

    Hello, ZebzFree , thank you and nice to meet you. Finished work. Sounds like inscription on the tombstone. How people can tell it's finished, it will be different for different person? Thank you, I'll try my best.

    Hey, B-man . you are back! let see new adventures of partly my bear and actually I want to see the new cartoons with this funny guy who wants to drink all kind of drinks. He already got my sympathy . Thank you so much, this little girl is a chatter box. if she is sad, then not for long.

    Hello, blacky . I look at your book and I think you are a great awesome artist. Beautiful paintings and drawings you did, I was totally smitten with your art, wrote you 30 min reply and lost it. Will write again. About those dark periods in artist life, oh, they are really terrible, I'm still not sure if they are really needed, but I tend to think so. They are an important part of moving forward, well moving at all, in any direction, there is no such thing in art as moving forward, I think. Many artists were ahead of their time, not understood. There is an opinion that artist doesn't need suffering and complicated condition to create new beautiful art, but who knows. To understand emotion and to depict it you need to go through it. Picasso, oh yeah, he was an energetic vampire. But an artistic talent and the person it lives in are two different and often opposite entities. Really, it's true. Thank you for the comment and for your beautiful art.

    Hello, Bruce, , thanks a lot, blue is my most favorite color. But I'm OK. Stylised hair, hahahahahahah, nah, they are just clean . I would love to see what you do with digital panting, really can't imagine, your work is so traditional in the best of its meaning. OK. I'll wait to see

    Hey, blacky , you are practically my co-writer , I'm glad. Let's combine threads, you and me, what are great idea, let's combine art. Wow, could you imagine this? Thank you so much for comment about skin tones, i wish i knew hoe you guys see it. I'm really not sure how to correct it, So I will visit your threads to get it from your art.

    Hello, taxman , Thank you so much, very, very kind of you. I'm so glad, if you need bigger image or bigger resolution, just tell me. I will happy to give it. Yeah, I guess, I did something really wrong with skin tones, so glad you're telling me this. I don't see it myself. So. you mean sharper separation for planes? BTW. If, and this is a big if, I did something with fellah, he sure did something with me, I'm a different person after talking and observing his and many other artists work, a little bit more open minded, I hope. Thank you again, you are so kind to me.

    Hey, bengonzalez . thank you for coming back and for encouragement. and special thanks for crits. You are right, too many unnecessary lines. I will remember it, thanks a lot.

    Hello, Idiot Apathy . your name always makes me think hard what it means. I'll ask you one day. Come on, tell me your thoughts , I love listen hard crits, makes me feel special . Thank you so much. I want to join your Peer project and i will, I need it badly.

    Hello, dear van . Happy to see you! I don't know what to say, I promised you I'll try my best to like my work, so it means I need to believe you are talking about me. Thank you so much. It's unbelievably pleasant. Hope you will explain me one day what you see in it. But I'm very grateful and touched. And I always like to see you on forum.


    A study from very old master .


    Figure studies

    1-2min; 10min,15mkn,20min,30min,40min


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